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Farm Bill – Action Alert 

From Equine Welfare Alliance:

imagesWe urge you to contact your representatives and ask them to vote NO on the farm bill. As long as the bill contains the language from the King Amendment, they should not support the bill as it stands.

Wayne Pacelle wrote a concise account of what happened. Read it HERE

You can listen to the senate appropriations committee hearing today at 10:30a Eastern by clicking HERE

BREAKING NEWS!!! – The Senate Appropriations Committee just voted (noon on June 20th) to allow the Moran Bill to go to the floor. The Moran Bill defunds horse meat inspections.

Here is video of Congressman Moran introducing the Moran-Young amendment in the House Committee.


From Tuesday’s Horse – Official Blog of the Int’l Fund for Horses

Note: King is a leading defender of dog fighting and more. Read more at this article on Mitt Romney’s endorsement of King.


Please make a brief, polite phone call to Representative and urge a “NO” vote on the Farm Bill. We can’t allow the dangerous King amendment to wipe out years of hard-fought victories for animals.

This is so very, very important. Do this right now.

Do not put it off until later; it may be too late later for the animals. It may also be too late for anyone in the U.S. who eats.

Do not think, oh plenty of people will be calling. Plenty of people hopefully will. But this not about other people, this is about you taking a stand. If everyone who reads this post calls, there will be thousands speaking out against this horrific amendment.

If you have regular contact with your U.S. Representative, please contact them right now as well.

Ask them to vote NO to the Farm Bill (H.R. 1947) containing the King Amendment stripping your State animal protection laws away from you.

– If you know who your U.S. Representative is, find their phone number here.


Click on their name to visit their website and use their contact webform.

– If you do not know who your U.S. Representative is, you will first need to find your 9 digit zip code and write it down.


Once you have it, use it in the zip code search box here.