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EWA/WHFF Expose illegal Horse Meat Shipments through Port of Houston TX 


(Note – I try to keep the articles and posts on this website different from RT Fitch’s “Straight From the Horse’s Heart” so that we can spread the word even further. This article is different – complete evidence that horsemeat shipments are being made from Mexico to the Port of Houston, then on to other countries, an act that is against Texas law. Thanks to the investigators of EWA and the WHFF, the documentation is here for you and everyone else to see. Will it be acted upon? Or will the “authorities” turn a blind eye because of pressure from those who make money off the bodies of dead horses? In looking at the shipping data, note how much horsemeat (contaminated with drugs) is being shipped to Russia and Belgium)

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Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Horse Freedom Federation Investigation Report

The amount and volume of Horse Meat running through Houston is Staggering

Release Date:

February 24, 2013

Report Date(s):

2012 – 2013


Bill of Lading Data

Objective | Content:

Illegal Horse Meat Shipments through Port of Houston [TX]


Summary: click (HERE)

Bill of lading data, click (HERE), exposes horse meat continuing to illegally ship through the Port of Houston. The shipments are in violation of 1949 Texas state law banning the sale and possession [§ 149.002], and transfer [§ 149.003] of horse meat.

Information Contained in this Document:

  • The spreadsheet contains 6 tabs of data for the various shippers involved in the illegal trade through the Port of Houston. Of note:
  • Country of origin is primarily Mexico
  • Shipper, International Unicorn, is from Kaufman, Texas
  • Crossed out items are either not Port of Houston or not horse meat released. They have been left on the spreadsheet to maintain the integrity of the information received. [Column M or V]
  • Final Destination is in column D.
  • A copy of the 2007 ruling , click (HERE), upholding the 1949 state law is also included as part of this release.

© Equine Welfare Alliance & Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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