Equine Voices rescues foals from wild horse roundup (VIDEO)

Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary President, Karen Pomroy with rescued foal

From: KVOA.com
By: Sean Mooney

Foal rescued by Equine Voices from round up

Foal rescued by Equine Voices from round up

TUCSON- While horse meat is not eaten by people here in the U.S., the federal government actually conducts roundups of wild horses that are then sent to slaughterhouses outside of the country. That meat eventually ends up on dinner tables overseas.

But one animal rescue organization is fighting to end the roundups and save as many horses as they can during the process.

Wild horse roundups funded by the Bureau of Land management on Navajo land have supposedly been suspended, but not soon enough for four foals now in the caring hands of Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary.

The four baby horses are called Catori, Dakota, Shikoba and Nitiksa and range in ages from four to nine months. Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary President, Karen Pomroy, says the foals are safe, but are sick and still bearing the scars of being hunted down, “Wild horses have been rounded up since October and shipped directly to slaughter, the four babies that we have here are orphans because their mom’s were rounded up and sent to the slaughter house.”

Pomroy and her staff are nursing the foals back to health but the organization’s mission is to stop the roundups so they won’t have to save more horses. The government has funded the roundups in an effort to keep the growing population of wild horses down.

Pomroy says a big part of the problem here in Arizona is the Navajo Nation not taking responsibility for the animals, “The people on the reservation are not being custodians to these animals, allowing them to breed and breed and breed and they do make money off of sending them to the slaughterhouses. Even if it’s $50 a piece multiply that by 1600 and it adds up.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • nancy albin

    this is a disgrace a total disgrace

    November 12, 2013