Equine Chiropractory



(Taken from the pages of Dr. Black’s wonderful website – Baxterblack,com)

images-4Getting injured is an embarrassment to a cowboy. Unlike professional athletes with trainers and insurance, “playing hurt” is expected in the cowboy world. It is part of the cowboy mentality; which is better, letting your broken arm heal or repelling down the face of Mt. Everest on a dare?

Dave had two 3-year-old fillies in training. He’s a bit of an eclectic cowboy; he paints eggs, likes Yoko Ono’s music, and has read Jack Kerouac’s book On The Road. So it was not unusual to find himself in the corral wearing shorts and Birkenstocks, throwing an English saddle on one of the fillies.

Sometimes horses disguise their resentment of a horse trainer’s smug arrogance by cooperating. Other days they just say “Stick it in your ear!” The filly bucked him out of his Birkenstocks, over his head and into the fence! Dave found himself on the ground and hip-locked.  His knee worked but he could not lift his left leg forward. Walking was sort of a step-shuffle-step-shuffle-stumble-slide gait. As you would expect of a true cowboy, over the next three days he fulfilled his promise to help gather the neighbor’s cows, but he was handicapped. To mount his horse involved a step stool and powerful shoulders. A potty break was out of the question!

Saturday came with no improvement but he was adjusting…eating on the sofa, walking in circles and pirouetting. Though he could still not lift his leg, he could bend over so, when Uncle Herman wanted his big Belgian mare shod, Dave said, “Bring her over.” This kind of sedentary work remained within his ability.

He’d gotten around to the offside hind leg and was holding the plate-sized foot in his hands. The big mare began leaning her huge haunch on Dave’s back, crushing him. He slowly collapsed as her 1,950 pounds pressed down and slid along his back. Dave said he heard three little clicks, like a grandfather clock’s Tick-Tock-Tick.

He crumpled and rolled, then, without thinking he rose and stepped away…cured!

Hey, I believed him. But, I believe Moses parted the Dead Sea, too.

I’ve heard of Equine Chiropractory, but not in that context.

In conclusion Dave answered the classic question, “Is there a doctor in the horse?!”

AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • Arlene

    You bet there is, I m not believing this one but there is most assuredly a Doctor In the Horse, He disperses not even one pill he has no horrible side effects that are worse then the problem he will solve !!!!! , he is 100 percent the natural healer, dont ever under estimate him………….. Oh and he will make house calls !!!!! The Price a little love and care protection thats it !!!!!! His natural skills dont stop there, he also defends our Country at a moments notice !!!!!! He is YOUR friend unconditionally !!!! no frills just honesty !!! One thing though you must win his TRUST !!!!! For some it is impossible !!!! They cant be trusted passed there lies !!!!!

    June 22, 2013
    • sherriey

      well said…you said it all….

      June 22, 2013
  • Mustang man

    I’m disappointed that anything from Slaughter house Baxter would be used on these pages. Much less promoted. This DVM is a very outspoken proponet of not only wild horse round ups but slaughter as the answer. I know as I have personally had conversations with him regarding both.

    June 22, 2013