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Emaciated Endurance Horse in France Ran 46 Miles Before Pulled by Vets 

“Shakla’s Sudden Impact”

This should have never been allowed to happen. It can be difficult to tell for non-professionals when a horse is under weight at times. In this case it was easy to tell. Shakla’s Sudden Impact’s owners and trainer should be held accountable. ~ HfH

From: Guardian Liberty Voice
By: Alana Marie Burke

“Shakla’s Sudden Impact”

“Shakla’s Sudden Impact”

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI) recently cleared a severely emaciated horse, “Shakla’s Sudden Impact” from Bahrain to compete in a lengthy, exceedingly strenuous endurance race. The Festival Mondial d’Endurance in Compiègne, France is a 100-mile race that serves as a qualifying event for the World Equestrian Games coming up in July of this year in Normandy, France. The FEI also serves to clear horses for that major equestrian event. Disturbing photos taken of the clearly emaciated horse before the start of the endurance race surfaced and welfare groups have expressed their outrage at the IEF. Despite the obvious health concerns evidenced by the abnormally lean body composition of the horse, Shakla was cleared for competition and it was not until the horse had run 46 miles that veterinarians made the decision to pull it from the race.

Competitors in excess of 200 come from 32 different countries to participate at Compiègne and the race is sponsored by the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He is also the Chairman for the Emirates Arabian Horse Association.

Veterinarians who have reviewed the pre-race photos of Shakla have called them “disgusting” and the FEI is now under pressure to “tighten the rules” on the clearance of horses who by all logic should be physically sound and in good overall health in order to be allowed to compete. The value of the competition to the owner should never be put before the welfare of the horse and yet it seems that in this case that may be what happened.

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