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Edie Skuca – we will miss you. 

Snow Fire, Edie Skuca's mini pony

Many years ago, back in the early days of Habitat for Horses, Edie Skuca and her husband Joe came to volunteer. After getting to know her, she gained my total and complete respect for one marvelous and extremely rare attribute – she not only talked with the horses, she listened.

There are many folks who talk to the horses, but what she did was far different, for it was a deep communication, a “reading.” The horses would tell her their history, their thoughts, their doubts and in turn, Edie would comfort, reassure, and love.

At first I tested Edie, not telling her what I knew about a certain horse, not really believing her “superpowers.” Within an hour, Edie would know far more than I. She had the ability to give comfort and strength to new horses, no matter what their condition. Scared, injured, beaten, they talked with Edie and would know that they had reached sanctuary.

Snow Fire, Edie Skuca's mini pony

Snow Fire

“Snow Fire” was a perfect mini, pure white, who adored Edie. Of course, Edie took him home, where he’s lived for years. Edie’s stories of Snow Fire are filled with laughter, and some tears, but they were mostly about the deep love they shared. It must have seemed endless for Snow Fire. After all he had been through, with her, he was safe.

Thursday, August 28th, Edie Skuca was killed in a car accident.

I don’t know what the effects are on Snow Fire, or on Joe, her husband. I’m certain there are other animals – all sorts of assorted beating and loving hearts – that are in pain. Edie was beyond amazing, and every living creature she touched is at a loss, as is the world, for there are simply not enough Edie’s in the world.

We shed tears for her loss, but we smile with happiness, for today all the creatures in the world gained another special angel who will spend eternity looking over them – and holding them closely. That’s what special angels do.

Thank you, Edie, for all the lessons, and all the love.

Your friends at Habitat for Horses