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Dramatic video rescue: Wild horse pulled from British Columbian Creek 

wild horse in British Columbia rescued

Simply amazing video of a wild filly caught in rushing waters of Trout Creek River in Canada. ~ HfH

From: CTV News Vancouver

wild horse in British Columbia rescued

Video posted to YouTube shows volunteers and firefighters pulling a young filly from the rushing waters of Summerland’s Trout Creek. May 5, 2014.

Dramatic video has surfaced online of a wild horse being rescued from a dangerously fast-moving creek in the Okanagan.
The video was posted by Theresa Nolet on May 4 and shows volunteers and firefighters attempting to pull the young filly from Summerland’s Trout Creek.

Large boulders along the creek’s bank prevented the horse from being able to simply walk out of the water, so crews had to use a lasso to pull the exhausted animal out.

They then laid down a large sheet of plywood to slide the horse out of the creek and on to stable land.

The creature appears to be collapsed on her side as firefighters cover her with towels to dry her off and warm her up before getting her back on her feet.

The horse was said to be in shock and hypothermic as she is slowly guided away from the creek.

The animal, dubbed “River” by rescuers, is now reportedly recovering in a foster home in Summerland.

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