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Dead horse replica brought to protest carriage driver 

NYC horse carriage protesters with dead horse figure

From: New York Post
By: Rebecca Rosenberg

NYC horse carriage protesters with dead horse figure

PETA demonstrators showed up outside court with a fake horse.
Photo: Steven Hirsch

​Protesters placed a lifesize foam replica of a dead horse outside Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday ​to protest ​the district attorney’s offer of ​community service​ ​ ​to a carriage operator​ accused of working his horse when she was limping from a badly infected leg.

PETA and NYGLASS organized the rally against carriage operator Saverio Colarusso — who would also have to ​agree never to work with animals again as part of the plea deal. He was busted Dec​. 18 for allegedly forcing his horse, ​Blondie,​ to work five hours straight despite a sore that had caused her to hobble u​​nsteadily for four days, according to court papers.

About 18 protesters stood in front of the prone brown ​prop ​horse, holding signs that blasted Colarusso, 52, as an animal abuser.

Passersby gawked at the “Mister Ed” lookalike sprawled across the pavement on its side with its eyes closed.

“It’s time to replace the horsedrawn carriage with eco-friendly classic electric cars,” said PETA coordinator Ashley Byrne. “No amount of regulation can protect carriage horses from their cruel, corrupt drivers.”

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