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Cry for me, Ol’ Tennessee 

May 28, 2013 | Jerry Finch

images-3Let’s just pretend that you are on the Board of Directors of some large organization, let’s even make it an animal-related organization. Thousands of people heap praise on you for all the wonderful things your organization does for a particular breed of animal. The organization is rich. Money flows in by the barrel full, employees are scattered all over the place scheduling shows, making announcements, doing really busy, important stuff. This is the BIG TIME. Life is great.

But let’s just pretend in this little pretend world that a look behind the curtain would reveal a secret that transformed all the glamor into an illusion. If known, this secret would bring your world crashing down as the adoring masses turned their collective back on you. What would you do? Keep the curtain closed? Keep everyone away from the curtain? Or would the inner standards by which you live force you to throw the curtain back and expose the dirty secrets?

An interesting dilemma, but one not so unique. Truth be known, it’s a situation many are faced with every day. The director of a large animal rescue finds out that employees are killing dogs and dumping them in the swamp because they don’t want to do the intake paperwork. A zoo director finds out that the elephant trainer has been beating an old elephant into submission. The Chief of Police is told that several of his officers have been doing target practice on a bunch of feral cats.

Hopefully, you’d fire everyone involved, take responsibility and try to clean up the mess.

But what if you found out that your organization is strongly promoting a method of killing horses so as to make room for more registered horses? What if your organization of veterinarians actually decided to promote the killing of horses? 

Ah, you think, another rant about the horse breed organizations! But wait, let’s go a step further. What if your organization promoted the infliction of pain on horses, severe pain, promoted beatings and acid burnings, then the killing of those that failed to perform?

President Tracy Boyd

President Tracy Boyd

That’s insane, you say? Really? Then I invite you to read this, a letter from President Tracy Boyd to the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association Executive Committee. It’s long, it’s full of holes, but it’s fascinating reading. Perhaps the saddest part is in the mentioning of those god-like organizations, namely the AQHA, AVMA, AAEP, USEF and the American Horse Council who all turned their backs on the TWHBEA. Each and every one of those organizations try with all their might to keep the curtain up around their promotion of horse slaughter, yet they claim to be so shocked at the actions of the Tennessee Walking Horse mess.

Just two questions, Tracy – you didn’t know? Really? Seriously? You really thought horses naturally walked like members of a deformed Gestapo guard unit? In all those years, you never once looked behind the curtain? 

And the reason you suddenly became concerned is why? Doesn’t have anything to do with the loss of money or prestige, I’m sure. Nope, purely a moral decision. Mighty damn convenient timing, but that’s just my own opinion.

Click to read –  A Statement from TWHBEA President Tracy Boyd


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