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Congress issues contradictory orders on wild horses to BLM 

Nevada wild horses

This article is painting horses as an invasive species with an insatiable appetite. Going so far as to compare them to the Asian Carp! Sometimes ignorance knows no bounds. As for the starving wild horses in Nevada, if their herds had been left intact, the wild horses would have been better able to manage themselves. ~ HfH

From: Watch Dog Wire
By: Thomas Mitchell

Budgets deny funding for activities law requires

Nevada wild horsesThe Bureau of Land Management this past week filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it in Nevada federal court over its failure to properly manage wild horses, as required by law, and letting the mustang population explode far beyond what the range is capable of handling.

The suit from the Nevada Association of Counties, the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation and others asks the court to issue an injunction or writ requiring federal agencies to follow the wild horse and burro law, because its current failure to do so is starving the very animals the law was intended to protect, damaging range land used for cattle grazing and taking private water rights.

“Free-roaming horse and burro herds in Nevada are frequently observed to be in malnourished condition, with the ribs and skeletal features of individual animals woefully on view and other signs of ill-health readily observable,” the suit says.

The BLM argues the suit is “nonjusticiable” because it fails to identify a single “final action” by the agency that caused damage, but rather asks the court to micromanage the BLM’s thousands of daily decisions about the management of feral horses — actually an invasive species with no natural predators and insatiable appetites.

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