Cleaning Out the Gene Pool



There are times when all you can do is look at someone and wonder how they actually made it to adulthood. After this many centuries of evolution and given the theory that the development of the human species came from both males and females seeking out those who would make ideal mates, one would think that the basic gene pool effectively cleaned out the somewhat less desirable back when Moses parted the Red Sea and walked to the other side, then watching the Egyptian army say, “Duh, lets follow them!”

We’re not talking about those with mental issues or those with less than perfect brains. Those things happen in life all the time and may God bless and protect them. We’re talking about people that do truly stupid stuff like:

Wrapping a roll of newspapers around a long stick, soaking it in gasoline, setting it on fire and trying to smoke out a bunch of bees in the soffit of their house. “Did you really mean to burn your house down?” asks the Fire Marshall. “Well, uh…”

Or someone works for a government agency, rounds up 45,000 horses, then complains because he’s responsible for trying to feed 45,000 horses.

Or someone running for a public office in a country where 80% of the population is against horse slaughter and would vote for him IF he would simply make a statement saying he would work to close it down, but says nothing.

Or the person who interbreeds a whole mess of horses, throws studs in with a bunch of mares, never trains any of them, then stops feeding them. “Sir, you have dead horses out in that pasture that died from starvation,” says the police officer. “Well. uh…” Such is the case of a seizure in which we are now involved, not unlike many of the other cases in which we’ve worked.

I fully expected the owner to say, “They aren’t dead. They’re just sleeping.”

If these kind of cases involved raising horses strictly for slaughter, I might be able to understand the twisted logic. After all, that’s the idea being promoted by the breeding associations. But no, these folks just let the horses interbreed to the point that they are almost disfigured, never make any effort to provide training, wait until whatever forage that was in the pasture is destroyed, refuse to buy hay, then get all self-righteous and say, “Ain’t nothing wrong with my horses! You ain’t got no right to come on my property and take my horses away!”

Yes law enforcement does, sir, because starving horses is against the law. We will take them away from you, save what we can and spend our hard to come by donations to make right the harm caused by your stupidity. We’ll spend a thousand dollars on your 8 month old foal trying to nurse it back to health, only to watch it die late some night while we’re in the stall, holding it as it takes it’s last breath. We’ll cry, believe me, but those tears will have nothing to do with you. Some of our volunteers will never come back again because they can’t handle the pain. Chances are, three days after we leave, you’ll have horses back in that pasture and treat them the same way.

And that government man will just keep rounding up horses.

And no elected politicians of a country will say anything about horse slaughter. Oh, maybe a few will, but it won’t mean anything.

Do these folks have kids? Seriously? Because there’s this theory that… oh, never mind. Maybe in another 2,000 years.


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AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
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