Chicago Carriage Horses vs. City Hall

Chicago Horse Carriage Rides

Carriage Horse Rides are not the same type of business as a hair stylist or other business / entrepreneur enterprises. These businesses, if it is possible for them to be humane, must have strict regulations and guidelines for their owners to follow. The author of this article is presumptive about the care of horses offering no real insight into how they are kept – except to say the horses are “happy”. That is not good enough. And to top it off, the writer threatens that the horses could very well be sent to slaughter. Slaughter is NEVER a necessity or a reasonable choice. The current trend toward questioning the business of carriage horses is valid, not just government interference with commerce through over regulation. ~ HfH

From: Huffington Post Blog
By: Hilary Gowins

Chicago Horse Carriage Rides

Chicago Horse Carriage Rides

In Chicago, horse-drawn carriages are a familiar and romantic staple along the city’s Magnificent Mile and lakefront. But one city alderman is trying to shutter the popular industry — and along with it, a piece of Chicago’s history.

If the alderman gets his way, it would mark the latest in a troubling trend of public officials across the country who exploit their political power to drive entrepreneurs into extinction.

For more than 34 years, Larry Ortega has run his popular horse-drawn carriage business, Chicago Horse and Carriage Ltd. The horses are happy, customers are happy and demand is booming.

Chicago Alderman Ed Burke wants all that to change. As if on a whim, Burke proposed a new ordinance that would eliminate the carriage industry from the city of Chicago. Burke claims the horse-drawn carriage business is cruel to animals, but Ortega’s horses are treated well, working relatively light shifts and enjoying two to four months of vacation each year at an idyllic farm in Indiana.

Just like that, Burke could put business owners like Larry Ortega out of work, displace beloved horses (or worse, send them to slaughter), eliminate jobs and end an iconic Chicago attraction.

It’s not just Burke. State and local governments across the country impose myriad regulations that make it difficult for innovators to create and grow a business.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • arlene

    Slaughter isnt and shouldnt be even an option,why do people always think the option for carriage rides is to get rid of it???????/ If its broken and is not humane use your MIND and FIX IT…………….This is fixable for petes sake !!!!!!! The people who say get rid of it are signing a death certificate for all the horses who work there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 27, 2014