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Changing Servers 


August 10, 2013

Unknown-2There’s a very good likelihood that the website will be down and offline until Sunday morning as we change servers. Our current server has been a problem for months so we’re upgrading once again. Bear with us. If you subscribe, you’ll be the first to receive the next posting when we get back online again.

While I have your attention, a couple of housekeeping items: Comments are moderated for a reason, and that reason is brought out at least three times a day from comments that are not allowed to go through.  We do not allow comments that promote violence. We all get upset about things that are going on, but violence is never an answer. Sue the heck out of them, take them to court, support those who do, but promoting violent acts is against the law.

Second – this is not a political forum. It’s perfectly okay to dislike a politician or person in charge of something, but leave the politics out of it. I have a hard time following this rule myself, but it has to be a rule because promoting one political party over another is against the rules that apply to nonprofits. Sorry, but there are about a thousand places on the web for you to rant and rave on Republicans vs Democrats vs Tea Party folks. Just not here.

Habitat for Horses is approaching 15 years of service to the horses in October.  In addition to that milestone, we are looking forward to some very big changes in our operation. More on that in the coming weeks. Stay turned. And please “Like Us” on Facebook. I have no idea why, maybe we get a new coffee cup or something when we reach 10,000, but it’s another goal we want to reach. I also understand that if you “Like Us” you’ll never have a problem with gray hair and your chances of winning the lottery increase by 20%.