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My Turn: Urgent challenge to all people of faith 

May 30, 2013 | Karen Borch | The Taos News

6d15a71a94bdc55ec134d5c2f252bae3Regarding the controversy over a horse slaughter plant opening in New Mexico, people are missing the point. There is no such thing as humane horse slaughter. Pro horse slaughter people are dead wrong. Their disgraceful misinformation and absurd falsehoods are effective and designed to mislead.

According to veterinarian, Dr. Lester Friedlander, former USDA slaughter inspector, it is an indisputable fact, there is no such thing as humane horse slaughter. The public has been duped into believing this outrageous lie, because it promotes acceptance.

Seventy-five percent of New Mexicans claim they belong to a religious community, over half of them identify with being Catholic. It’s not contrary for people of faith to reconcile and accept extreme brutality and unspeakable violence against one of God’s most magnificent creatures, instead of looking upon the horse with awe and wonder?

People of faith need to speak up, because silence is consent. God never said, I give you dominion over my animals and you can do whatever you want to them with impunity, including the most excruciatingly painful and terror filled end to their lives.

It is not written in any faith doctrines that we have the God given right to inflict such pain and suffering on any living creature, let alone, the horse. This dishonors us as human beings and it dishonors God.

There is a spark of the Divine in every living creature on this earth and there is no justification whatsoever for this most deliberate and hideous cruelty. Compassion and mercy for God’s creatures has not gone out of style. It still defines us as human beings.

I challenge anyone to go on the Internet and watch horses being slaughtered on youtube videos. It is so shocking and obscene that the human spirit can be emotionally damaged by even watching the videos. Indeed, many people recoil in horror and cannot even bear to watch such deliberate and despicable butchery take place.

CONTINUED – Read the rest at The Taos News. (It’s very important to comment on Karen’s article at the Taos News to show the importance of this article. Comment here, of course, but commenting there will have a much greater impact.- JF)


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