Central Park carriage horses debut in film (Video)

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From: New York Daily News
By: Alfred Ng

Central Park carriage horses debut in film to promote the benefits of the buggy industry

Horse Drawn Carriages: New York -  Horse drawn carriages leave park at Central Park South.    Photo by Helayne Seidman

Horse Drawn Carriages: New York – Horse drawn carriages leave park at Central Park South. Photo by Helayne Seidman

A crowd of carriage horse drivers, union bigwigs and animal lovers gathered Monday at the Kraine Theater on E. Fourth St. to watch ‘Save NYC Horse Carriages.’ Actor Liam Neeson narrated the short film, which showed the contributions the carriage horses have made to the city.

A crowd of carriage horse drivers, union bigwigs and animal lovers gathered at the Kraine Theater on E. Fourth St. to watch “Save NYC Horse Carriages.”

The film was narrated pro bono by Irish actor Liam Neeson, a defender of the 156-year-old industry. Mary Haverstick, of Haverstick Films, also worked without compensation to make the film. “It puts a human face on what these workers actually do,” George Miranda, president of Teamsters Joint Council 16, said of carriage horse drivers

Watch: Save NYC Horse Carriages Film – Narrated by Liam Neeson

“(The film) sheds light on how well the horses are taken care of,” Miranda added.

“If you have an open mind, you’ll see exactly how this country was built.”

The fate of Central Park’s carriage horse industry has been in doubt since Mayor de Blasio took office.

He vowed to shut down the industry after animal rights group NYCLASS began donating campaign cash to him. A small cluster of NYCLASS backers protested the film’s premiere.

Vanessa Weber, executive producer of the film, said she hoped it would help educate de Blasio and others about the industry.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • cheryl bush

    The ignorance being perpetuated by pro advocates of this industry, beggars belief. Be the change by changing. Om Mani Padme Hum

    May 25, 2014
  • Sue

    I am very conflicted about the NYC carriage horses. The “tradition” discussed in this film is, for me, no way to say this must continue. The end of slavery put people out of work too! Its “tradition” to pay women $.77 for every $1 a man makes.

    However, I also know many horses love their job, whatever it may be. I also know that these horses are well taken care of, the industry is very regulated.

    I wonder if horse racing should be banned as well…..

    May 25, 2014
  • Callie1983

    This film shows the TEAMSTERS who have had the Medallions in their families for GENERATIONS. These horses do work and live in awful conditions. They only film one of four stables in Manhattan. Neeson has had the wool pulled over his eyes. When he starts rescuing horses then he can lecture those whom are opposed to it.

    May 25, 2014
    • Dermot McDermott

      Callie, I don’t know and I’m quiet sure nobody understands your comment about Teamsters families having medallions for generations, the teamster union has been representing the carriages for about ten years not generations.
      Every stable is open to the public, every stable is regulated by the city and numerous entities, Liam Neeson held a press conference at Clinton Stables because that is the largest stable with the most horse, the other stables have to comply with the same regulations. Callie, rather than sit at your computer and parrot the lies and misinformation of the RARA’s take some time and go visit one of the stables or all of them, then come back and report what you saw, I look forward to seeing your comments. Thanks.

      May 26, 2014
      • Callie1983

        I have been to all of them and the only good thing to be said is that the majority of the horses have strong hooves. All else is substandard and completely unprofessional by any accepted standard of care.

        May 27, 2014
        • Dermot McDermott

          Callie, the list of highly qualified vetnary’s that have been through those stables is a very impressive one, I don’t have it on hand but is out there, all of them have reported that the horses receive excellent care are happy and content, I’m curious as you say you have been to all of them what would you suggest that would improve the stables be as specific as you can because I’m sure the agencies that are responsible for the stables would be interested in your insights, as would I.

          May 27, 2014
  • Shannon

    This film was fantastic and reveals the truth to many of the RARA lies. It has been proven time and time again that these horses are well taken care of, can lie down and roll in their stalls, are fed good quality hay, special grain mixtures specific to each horse, the drivers carry two buckets under their carriages….one with water (in case a through is not immediately available) and the other for grain. The horses are fed their grain during intervals throughout their shifts as to not stuff themselves in one sitting and become ill (the same way an athlete does). Some groups of people (the radicals) do not think horses should be in the city, but if the horse obviously appears content to live in the city (if not they would be bucking, rearing, bolting, etc all over the place), then what is the problem?

    May 26, 2014
  • Cate

    Beautiful tribute to NYC’s greatest living icons and the people who own and work with them. I enjoyed meeting the horses and their people last year. Thank you to Mr. Neeson for his support of this fine industry which makes NYC the World Class city that it is, and a huge thank you to the producer for creating this lovely film. Carriage On!

    May 26, 2014
  • Terri Davison

    It would be easy for me to say that children do not belong in the city. Aftere all, city kids don’t have woods to explore or trees to climb or streams to splash in the way my kids do. Perhaps dogs do not belong in the city since they must be on a leash almost all the time and have to walk on concrete sidewalks. Would that be a reason to take happy, well adjusted kids and dogs away from their homes…just because it is not MY way? Hell, I don’t think PEOPLe belong in the city. For me, that would be a miserable existence.

    But I am smart enough to acknowledge the beautiful diversity of people and dogs and even horses. Those who say they don’t belong in the city greatly underestimate the intricate and varied personalities of horses.

    I have been a horse rescuer for more than 40 years and if I suspected any abuse or neglect, I would be all over it. But it’s just not there. Real animal advocates and horse lovers support working horses.

    May 26, 2014
  • Shannon

    Callie, what is substandard about the NYC carriage horses and their care? Dare to answer?

    May 27, 2014