Cattle Ranchers vs Wild Horses – ‘We have to get those horses off the range’


The cattle baron thugs are ratcheting up the tension in both Nevada and Utah. With so much news coming out – we will try to keep you updated as best we can! The BLM has said that the ranchers can start removing “feral” horses from private land later this week. No mention of oversight or what will really happen to those horses is mentioned. Then the Nevada “Bundy Cattle” situation is also heating up… we can only hope cooler heads will prevail and that the horses will be safe. ~ HfH

From: The Spectrum

Wild Horses of Utah

Photo by Chris Detrick – The Salt Lake Tribune

CEDAR CITY — Frustrated with the bureaucratic tape of the federal government, the Iron County Commissioners committed Monday to start rounding up feral horses on the range Thursday with or without the blessing of the Bureau of Land Management.

The decision was made after commissioners met with BLM officials Monday morning in an effort to try and negotiate a plan of action for removing the feral horses off the Iron County range.

The commissioners cut the meeting short and decided to take on the issue by themselves after what they believe was a runaround by the federal workers.

“We have to protect the range. We will lose the range this year with drought, the impacts of new foals … we’re going to be in trouble,” Commissioner Dave Miller said. “So let me be clear: Any plan that talks about removing those horses in multiple months is unacceptable. We have to get those horses off the range immediately.”

Monday’s meeting held with local ranchers and BLM representatives was a follow-up from Friday when the commissioners and the ranchers met to plan out how they were going to round up nearly 1,700 head of feral horses to bring the numbers down to the appropriate levels of 300.

The commissioners and Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower sent a notice to BLM officials last week warning they would begin removing the feral horses if the agency started confiscating a Nevada rancher’s cattle who has been fighting with the federal government for 20 years. Beaver County followed suit sending the same letter to the BLM.

The counties argue that the BLM has used a lack of resources as the reason for not managing the feral horses — yet have been spending upwards of $1 million to confiscate Cliven Bundy’s cattle.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • That is really pretty shi*y, the Advocates would have been shot taking step to do this OUR WAY !!!!! The BLM I thought wouldnt let anyone near the Mustang with even a camera………..The BLM are a bunch of worthless Morons,………… They should be defending the Mustangs, and putting the cattle ranchers in their place , and we all know where that is ?????? Our Mustangs have had to endure so much suffering for Nothing !!!!! Somehow i think I failed them…… The MUSTANGS are the part of America that I hold dear to my heart !!! I remember the First time I saw them , Time , and my heart stood still their beauty was captivating their undeniable Beauty captured my soul, I thought they are the most beautiful Animal I have ever seen, we must cherish them always, and keep them safe ……….. And Now I cant do a thing to help them, I am, devastated !!!!

    April 8, 2014
  • How do you people sleep at night… This is an atrocity!!!!

    April 10, 2014

    April 12, 2014