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The Perfect Horse Name

What are the best names for horses? Below is an article on popular horse names in the UK. I bet most of you have an opinion about this. I do not mean those long names given to racehorses. What I want to know is what is the best name for horses that are beloved companions, Full Article

Study of baby horses’ behavior triggers new autism research

In recent decades there has been a growing need for Autism research. It is interesting to find autistic like development in other mammals. The article goes through how this ...Full Article

New rules from Texas Animal Health Commission

The TAHC passed new rules, some of which effect our state’s horses. We have posted the ones that affect horses in this article. You can see all the changes ...Full Article

Habitat for Horses Newsletter January 27th, 2015

From our newsletter that we send out via email. Simply text HFH to 22828 from your phone to get started! ~ HfH 28 Neglected Horses Seized in Galveston, TX ...Full Article

Her Dog Is Scared Of Horses. But Watch What Happens

Awwww Cute! There is nothing else like it when 2 animals bond. Especially a protective dog and a foal. ~ HfH From: LittleThings.com By: Barbara Diamond Joan and her ...Full Article

Fourth horse dies at Davie farm amid suspected food poisoning

How devastating. One can only imagine the pain and suffering. The food manufacturer has apologized. But this will not replace the horses who have died from this disastrous blunder. ...Full Article

Investigators studying death of horse and teen rider

It is always best practice when going for a ride to go with others. Or at the very least, let others know where you are going and when you ...Full Article

How the BLM makes its money

If anyone thinks the cattle industry or just your tax dollars is funding the Bureau of Land Management (and thus directing its focus)… they are wrong. Oil and gas ...Full Article

Protest ride results in charges against commissioner

Leland Hogan, president of the Utah Farm Bureau Federation, is well known for his pro-horse slaughter / anti-wild horse stance. In this article, he of course tosses in wild ...Full Article

Is America’s wild horse an invasive species?

From: LA Times By: Karin Klein Pleistocene, shmeistocene. To lovers of North America';s wild horses, the mustangs link to their Ice Age relatives is far more important than their ...Full Article