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Saying goodbye to Rooster Some horses are people horses. They never do well in herds, don’t have any desire to stand side by side with another horse and had just as soon not share a bale of hay. They want their own space, they love people, love the attention and the snacks that only people Full Article


There are times when I have to restrain myself, when it takes everything I have to stay within the limits of the law. Pulling up to a pasture this ...Full Article


Amigo Amigo must have been an incredible horse. A dun with a long, black mane and tail, black feet and the dark line down his back. He stood tall ...Full Article


Nicole finds love “There’s something about kids and horses,” is an often heard statement in the horse world. Kids and innocence, kids and hope, kids and the belief in ...Full Article


Scooby, the Mystery Horse Scooby walked up to someone’s house during one of the most rainy periods we’ve seen in this area. He was soaked, his hair was a ...Full Article


Shadow, September 8, 2001 Shadow came to us September 8th. She spent the last 17 days at the county pens, as required by law, waiting for her owner to ...Full Article

Hope – “…with every beat of your heart”

The Story of Hope, April 17, 2001 I’ve never become hardened to the pain and suffering of horses, but I’ve become wiser, knowing there is no limit to what ...Full Article


Rose, August 11, 2003 She came to us the last week in April of 2003 – old, thin, missing one eye, scared – from an owner that could no ...Full Article


Ziggy, October 15, 2002 Update: November 15 Update: November 29 Update: December 20 Update: March 25, 2003 – Ziggy finds a home See Me Car after car drove down ...Full Article


Pictures of Missy: Habitat for Horses is a 501.c.3 nonprofit equine protection organization supported solely by donations. We have around 200 donkeys and horses under our care, plus one ornery, ...Full Article