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Horse Facts

Foetus found inside 48-million-year-old fossil of ancient horse

This interesting article suggests that the reproductive system of horses has changed little over the course of millions of years. ~ HfH From: 9NEWS A 48-million-year-old fossil of a pregnant horse and foetus is the oldest of its kind known to science and contains unusually well-preserved evidence of tissue from the womb. The fossil was discovered in Germany in ...Full Article

Fifth anniversary of the rediscovery of the Caspian horse

Caspian horses are quite short by modern standards. Their original height when rediscovered is between 9 and 11.2 hands high – more of a pony by our standards. They ...Full Article

The secret lives of horses

Friendships come and go. Foals grow up and move away. New research reveals how sophisticated equines really are. From: Salon By: Wendy Williams of Scientific American Why they’re more ...Full Article

Why the long face? Researchers compile directory of horse facial expressions

The fact that horses share so many facial expressions with humans should not come as surprise. We have worked with each for thousands of years. Many horse owners probably ...Full Article

What Your Horse’s Whorl Says About Him

Brain and skin tissue come from the same layer of cells. Which means the development of these two things are related. I cannot help but wonder if the same ...Full Article

Strange Animals Reveal Bizarre Past of Horses: Photos

As a youngster in school, we were shown drawings of ancient horses. They looked like miniature horses in a way. These do not look like that. More like camels, ...Full Article

Horses understand human gestures

Seems pretty obvious to any horse lover. Yet until recently scientists had not really looked into the complexity of how horses and humans interact with each other. If you ...Full Article

Video – Dozens of horses rescued after barn roof collapses

Anyone who lives in snowy areas knows how dangerous a great deal of snow fall can be. This year has been particularly a bad winter season for the North-East. ...Full Article

Horses Doing Math: On the Quality of Scientific Studies

Many people know who Clever Hans is. If you do not, he was the horse that could do math! Or seem to anyways. Scientists now say Clever Hans was ...Full Article

In cold weather, take precautions hauling horses

Most of the country – with the exception of southern Florida – is really cold right now. We are in the heart of winter. Horses, however, can survive even ...Full Article
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