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Join us for our 3rd Annual Greener Pastures Land Fund Event

Horses recovering from abuse and neglect need room to graze and roam. Proceeds from Habitat for Horses’ 3rd Annual Greener Pastures Land Fund Event will go towards our goal of gaining more land. A fun evening filled with music, food, wonderful items for purchase, auction and raffle all taking place in the elegant setting of AREA-Houston. Join us this ...Full Article

Barn fire kills 18 horses, other animals (Video)

Each year as the days grow shorter and colder, barn fires become a frequent concern. Although the cause of this fire is unknown, many times barn fires start when ...Full Article

Alternative therapy caters to layers of grief, trauma

Horses can help us humans in so many ways. Hopefully one day Equine Assisted Therapy will no longer be “alternative” but instead mainstream. Find out more about our Equine ...Full Article

2016 Habitat for Horses Calendars are now for sale!

Now is the time to buy Habitat for Horses’ 2016 Calendar – at just $20 each (plus $5 shipping and handling)! Pete, Habitat’s equine mascot, personally endorses this calendar ...Full Article

In Memory of Bucky

Jerry wrote this article a few years ago. Time passes quickly but – if we are fortunate – our memories stay with us. ~ HfH By Jerry Finch, President ...Full Article

Roy Exum: What About The Horses?

Election day has come and gone… so what, if any effect, have they had on equine rights? Roy Exum, as always, writes an excellent piece on the politics of ...Full Article

Imagine staying in a luxurious private getaway in the Bahamas while helping horses!

November 19th, 2014 is less than 2 weeks away! Our Greener Pastures Fundraising Event will be taking place with all sorts of fantastic items up on our auction block ...Full Article

First Mule Ever Makes It to the US Dressage Finals

Wonderful news! Mules are smart and deserve a better reputation than the ones we give them. Go, Dyna! ~ HfH From: Horse Nation Laura Hermanson and Heart B Dyna ...Full Article

Commentary to “Breeding more donkeys to keep tradition alive”

Daniel Cordero is often known for his intelligent comments to articles on our website. This one is exceptional. Thank you, Daniel, for your insight. ~ HfH «Ejiao is credited ...Full Article

Rescuers pull horse from swimming pool in Arizona (Video)

Fences and gates are needed around pools for more than just our kids…our four legged friends can wind up trapped! Thank goodness it was not cold and everything turned ...Full Article
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