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Horse Health

The Worm That Kills – And Why Only Two Worming Chemicals Can Stop It

This article details what can happen if you leave equine worms unchecked. Worms can kill or make your horse very ill. That is a fact. Your horse’s best health advocate is your vet. Be sure to turn to him (or her) for advice concerning your horses’ health and how to deal with worms. ~ HfH From: The Horse’s Back ...Full Article

Horse sickness shares signs of human brain disorders

That we can use this information to aid both horses and humans is a good thing. Equine Grass Sickness is a disorder that is easy to overlook. Better testing ...Full Article

What We’re Learning About Senior Horses

Just as humans are living longer due to better medical care and diet – so are our horse companions. It is important to stay in the loop with the ...Full Article

Latest research sheds light on puzzling horse diseases

Research into the causes of equine diseases moves forward. The better we understand how these diseases actually effect horses, the better medicines or perhaps even preventatives can be produced. ...Full Article

Toxic Weed Invading Florida Horse Pastures

Every horse owners fears the idea that something maybe lurking out in the pasture that will harm their horse. You can go to your local vet or agricultural college ...Full Article

Four cases of swamp fever confirmed in American horses

Swamp fever, also known as equine infectious anemia (EIA), is much scarier than it sounds. It is the HIV of the horse world with no cure. Horses infected with ...Full Article

Equine Parasite Control Strategies

Worms – the ones that horses can get as parasites – is something we often see here in neglected horses that come in to our ranches at Habitat for ...Full Article

Tips for Maintaining Aged Horses’ Health

Just as the human population in the US is aging, so too are the population of horses we own. Better feed, medicine and overall care is keep many of ...Full Article

Four Tips to Help Your Horse Beat the Summer Heat

It has been hot here in Texas! The temperature this past weekend was in the triple digits. Our four legged friends really suffer in this kind of heat. Here ...Full Article

Anthrax Confirmed in Equine in Uvalde County

Anthrax is actually not that uncommon in South-West Texas. It is wise to get your healthy non-pregnant adult horses vaccinated! Death can follow quickly after you notice the first ...Full Article
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