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Habitat for Horses Awarded Generous Grant by ASPCA

Habitat for Horses Awarded Generous Grant by ASPCA Emergency Grant for Care of 28 Starving Equine Seized Earlier This Year Hitchcock, Texas —Habitat for Horses today announced the receipt of a $14,000 grant, awarded by the ASPCA Equine Fund to assist in the extraordinary costs incurred by the seizure of 28 starving equines, taken to Full Article

New law protects Kentucky’s stray horses

Stray horses will now be able to find new homes much faster now in Kentucky. So glad that horse advocates were able to get this law passed. In other ...Full Article

BLM Pryor Mustang Removal Plan

If the Bureau of Land Management removes these young horses from the Pryor Mountain range, they will be violating their own recommendation of leaving one offspring per mare on ...Full Article

Lord Nelson, Former Football Star, Professor, Cop, Horse, Dead at 42

What an amazing career …for a horse! Not many people can make the claims Lord Nelson did. ~ HfH From: Gawker Lord Nelson, a horse who was also a ...Full Article

More Than 100 Equine Rescue Groups Compete to Help At-Risk Horses

Our First Annual Adoption Appreciation Day is going to be held at our Manvel, TX ranch as part of this competition. We would love all the members of our ...Full Article

Habitat for Horses – Our Back Story

Habitat for Horses’ latest newsletter was just published. You can sign up to receive it by going to any post on our website (such as this one) and using ...Full Article

California woman’s last wish: to see Kentucky horse country

I absolutely agree with Debra Luis. Driving through Kentucky’s lush green rolling hills, watching the horses run along the white fence line is one of my fondest memories. I ...Full Article

We have our first winner for Habitat for Horses Spring Fundraiser

Victoria Ezra Victoria Ezra hales from New Jersey. She had to choose a name that has not yet been used by another horse at Habitat for Horses…that can be ...Full Article

BLM returns wild horses to range in Nevada

The Bureau of Land Management is supposed to return mares they have given PZP (birth control) to the range they came from. If it is determined that they have ...Full Article

Video – Alma’s Baby

Good Sunday Morning to Ya’ll. As promised, here is a short video of Alma and her new born foal. He was born just a couple of weeks ago. His ...Full Article