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The EU’s other horsemeat scandal arrives via Canada

The European Commission should swiftly suspend the import of Canadian horsemeat to the EU given serious traceability and food safety concerns, warns Dr Joanna Swabe. Dr Joanna Swabe is the Executive Director for Humane Society International/Europe. As the horsemeat fraud scandal fades in the collective memory of EU consumers and politicians alike, another horsemeat scandal refuses to go away ...Full Article

How to Age Gracefully – CBC Radio WireTap

CBC radio show “WireTap” announced the end of its 11-year run on Wednesday. To say farewell, the award-winning show transformed advice from listeners into a lovely video called “How ...Full Article

Why is the BLM killing wild horses?

The Bureau of Land Management is a federal agency tasked with protecting our heritage, including wild horses known colloquially as “mustangs.” These majestic animals have freely roamed North America ...Full Article

Read Before Riding: Horses Have Consciousness

Horses were domesticated more than 5,000 years ago and have been deeply connected to humans ever since. In The Horse: The Epic History Of Our Noble Companion, Wendy Williams ...Full Article

Mythbusting: Microchipping And Positive Horse ID

One of the most controversial topics in the horse industry recently has been microchipping and positive horse identification. With new U.S. Equestrian Federation rule change proposals requiring microchipping and ...Full Article

SEE VIDEO: Donkey Uses Mom as Punching Bag

Full Article

‘Truly amazing’ scientific discovery on adaptation of Yakutian horses to cold

The resilient Yakutian horses are one of the great native sights of the Sakha Republic – or Yakutia. In their way as much a part of the classic Siberian ...Full Article

Lawmakers Call for Action After Mass Horse Slaughter

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are weighing in on the recent damning investigative report by the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General, about the Bureau ...Full Article

Big Dog And Tiny Horse Have A Friendship That’s Just Right

When choosing a sparring partner, it’s a good idea to pick someone from a similar weight class. That’s just what Tara, a foal-sized Stafford, found in Aladdin, a dog-sized ...Full Article

How to Manage Limb Lacerations in Horses

If you find your horse with a severe laceration on his leg and blood pooling on the stall floor, no doubt your heart will immediately skip a beat. As ...Full Article
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