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Canada’s multi-million dollar horse meat industry might be on the verge of change

Canada’s multi-million dollar horse meat industry has been described as a dirty little secret, though one that’s not been very well-kept given the regular cropping up of news stories in recent years. Canada slaughtered 66 651 horses in 2014, in five slaughter plants across the country (two of which are in Alberta). Nationally, Quebec is the biggest consumer of ...Full Article

How Horse Meat Might Get Into the U.S. Food System

Exotic game meat is a specialty food item that’s becoming increasingly less special—currently it’s a $39 billion a year industry. This might be great news for consumers with a ...Full Article

Army veteran reunited with beloved horse

SAN ANTONIO – Not knowing if he’d ever be able to ride again, U.S. Army veteran and double amputee David Carpenter sold his beloved horse after losing both his ...Full Article

The BLM wild horse roundup continues: follow the money

Obama knew what he was getting when he made Ken Salazar head of the Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the Department of the Interior that manages some ...Full Article

VETERINARY VIEWPOINTS: Twelve days of Christmas for your horse

Here is a twist on a holiday favorite – great gifts for your equine family. On the first day of Christmas, give your horse your attention. Whether it is ...Full Article

Arizona lawmakers push for protection of Salt River wild horses

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s entire congressional delegation is calling on U.S. agriculture officials to look into an ongoing effort to protect wild horses along the Salt River. Rep. Matt ...Full Article

Victoria Pendleton: ‘You don’t get on a horse and jump a fence for a publicity stunt’

It is still dark at 7.15 on a December morning as Victoria Pendleton opens the boot of her car and drapes a saddle over her left shoulder while her ...Full Article

Weird But True Horse Facts: Anatomy

Horses do not have collarbones. Their front limbs are directly attached to the spinal column by muscles, tendons and ligaments. The adaptation improves running efficiency because once the shoulder blade ...Full Article

The EU’s other horsemeat scandal arrives via Canada

The European Commission should swiftly suspend the import of Canadian horsemeat to the EU given serious traceability and food safety concerns, warns Dr Joanna Swabe. Dr Joanna Swabe is ...Full Article

How to Age Gracefully – CBC Radio WireTap

CBC radio show “WireTap” announced the end of its 11-year run on Wednesday. To say farewell, the award-winning show transformed advice from listeners into a lovely video called “How ...Full Article
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