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Time for a Double Take – A Mule’s Foal

You heard it right. That which is supposed to be impossible has happened (and not for the first time). A mule has given birth to a foal. A very cute foal too. ~ HfH From: The Denver Post By: Nancy Lofholm Mule’s foal fools genetics with “impossible” birth It’s an event so rare that the Romans had a saying, ...Full Article

Who will cry for Choctaw?

Debbie’s article in today’s edition of Galveston Daily News is lovely. Choctaw really has come a long way and is ready for a loving home. You can find out ...Full Article

Medical Maggot Therapy for Horses – Yes…Maggots

Maggots – GROSS! Yes, but maggots can be used to effectively “clean” wounds. Do not do this without consulting your veterinarian…that should be absolutely understood. WARNING – there are ...Full Article

Roy Exum: A Veterinarian’s Horse Sense

Roy Exum is known for his articles on horse “soring”. In this case, he tackles Ebola and the “horse sense” of one veterinarian. The fear from the spread of ...Full Article

The Celebration & the Future of the Tennessee Walking Horse

This was shared by Keith Dane, Vice President of Equine Protection for the Humane Society of the US. The author is correct – it is indeed arrogant bull headed ...Full Article

All Horses Are Created Equal

This was originally written and posted by Jerry back in January 2012…but the point is as valid today as then. And Sandy is still with us. He has sanctuary ...Full Article

Tears for an Angel

Sometimes prayers are not answered in the way we want them to be. Babies are born into this world only to be taken away while still so very young. ...Full Article

Horses, scientists and the search for an effective autism treatment

As of yet, there is not a definitive approach to helping children in the Autistic spectrum. Horses are now more widely used in a variety of therapies. Including Equine ...Full Article

Two Horses, One Language

A wonderful opinion piece shared by Vickery Eckhoff. Our relationship with horses is one that is a learning process for both partners. ~ HfH From: The New York Times ...Full Article

Awww Cuteness! Habitat for Horses Calendar

Picture this: Your Daughter’s Special Day last year was on horseback – what better way than to commemorate her Big Day than with a Calendar for all your friends ...Full Article
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