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Philosophically Speaking: Bless the beasts and those who defend them

We live on a planet filled with living beings. Whether you believe we are the stewards or are simply members of a different species – it is not hard for us to see that to survive we must respect each other and our unique niches in the cycle of life. Horses help environs of the American West thrive by ...Full Article

The correct way to use slow-feeders for equine

As most horse owners know, horses are designed to look and eat food at a steady gradual pace all day long. There are many manufacturers of slow-feeders (devices designed ...Full Article

Two thousand horses evacuated ahead of Australian bushfires

Just as summers in the US West have grown drier and hotter that breed wild fires, Australia is dealing with its own wild fire problems during their summer …which ...Full Article

Wyoming grants aim to boost wild horse research

Recently, Wyoming’s goal has been to eliminate the wild horses to the cattle ranchers desire. One cannot help but think that any research done would be directed towards proving ...Full Article

Aerial culling of brumbies in Snowy Mountains

Brumbies as Australians call their wild horses are a controversial subject. The horses are not native to Australia. Some biologists argue that they are destroying native environs. Others feel ...Full Article

13 Reasons Why Ponies Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

Happy Sunday Morning to Ya’ll. After all the rain we received here in South-East Texas the ranch is muddy as can be (thanks to Smokey for the picture on ...Full Article

Pure Heart: The thrilling life and emotional death of Secretariat

Although this story is decades old, it is on a subject matter many horse lovers are still fascinated with – Secretariat. Whether or not you follow horse racing, Secretariat ...Full Article

Feed company hasn’t pulled food linked to St. Helena horse deaths

Whenever a story first appears about a food source that is toxic, one’s breath holds. There is always more to the story. The bottom line of that story is ...Full Article

3 horses dead, lab finds horse feed on St. Helena farm contaminated

More horse feed has been found with cattle supplements that are deadly to horses. The manufacturer in this case is not mentioned. Hopefully more news will come out soon. ...Full Article

Reintroducing wild horses to the steppe will be a painstaking process

Przewalski horses are a rare endangered species of wild horse. Kazakhstan wildlife officials are teaming up with German biologists to give these horses a chance to thrive in the ...Full Article
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