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Country Dog

Doug the pug kills time at a grocery store by riding a mechanical horse. Support the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses! Donate today – click here now. Habitat for Horses is always on the lookout for a few great people at our ranches. The work is unique, the animals are special and we want folks who ...Full Article

Two Sides Of The NYC Horse Carriage Ban Debate

Vintage horse-drawn carriages have been an iconic sight around New York for more than 150 years. You’ve likely seen them on New York’s streets and in its parks — ...Full Article

Activist Explains How He Infiltrated Horse Slaughterhouses

Richard Couto borrows his looks from Mr. Clean: bald and intimidatingly muscular. He seems more comfortable in full combat gear than in a pair of Dockers. But as tough ...Full Article

Push to revamp Horse Protection Act continues

A 45-year-old federal law to prevent the abuse of horses soon might include tougher language to elminate soring, a controversial training tactic that involves inflicting pain to the lower ...Full Article

Wild horse cull to go ahead in Australia after road deaths

A cull of Australia’s wild horses is set to go ahead in Queensland. Brumbies are found across Australia and there have been a number of slaughters in the past. ...Full Article

Rescue group 
tries to block 
horse gathers

A Front Range horse rescue group is trying to block the Bureau of Land Management from doing any more horse gathers in the West Douglas Herd Area near Rangely. ...Full Article

Florida Raids Yield Arrests at Illegal Slaughter Farms

Six people are arrested for illegal horse slaughter operations in Florida. ~ HfH From: Pat Raia The operators of three illegal slaughter operations in Florida are facing multiple charges ...Full Article

Two Choices

 Not about horses, but about humans. Breaking thru the “It’s all about me” attitude that so many have , this story reveals how a group of young baseball players ...Full Article

The New York Times Listens to Some Readers — But Not All

Vickery Eckhoff presents an open letter sent to New York Times public editor, Margaret Sullivan, regarding errors in the article ” As Wild Horses Overrun The West, Ranchers Fear ...Full Article

BLM Plan for Mega-Gather Is Budget Buster

This article reveals the Bureau of Land Management’s plan that would deplete Wyoming of half its wild horses and cost American taxpayers as much as $78 million in holding ...Full Article
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