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Feeding Horses to Increase Weight and Body Condition

There are a number of circumstances in which owners may want their horses to increase body condition. It may simply be because a horse has lost some weight over the winter months from less access to pasture, or because it is a very hard keeper. However, it may be because of something more serious, such as recovering from illness, ...Full Article

Kind strangers rescue escaped horses in Miramichi

Jennifer Gregan had barely finished feeding her horses, Flash and Harley, when a stranger knocked on her door Thursday night. She asked whether Gregan had horses on her Hardwicke farm. “She said ...Full Article

While Some Rangers Head To Greener Pastures, Their Horses Aren’t So Lucky

My first partner in my first job with the National Park Service was a dark bay mare. I was extremely popular with the kids when I’d show up at ...Full Article

Horses look even more spectacular with custom haircuts

Horses are incredibly beautiful animals but if you thought they couldn’t get even more striking think again. A British equestrian service is offering horses professional clipping with a difference. ...Full Article

Indiana Man Arrested While Trying to Save Horses From a Flood

Let this be a lesson to you, good Samaritans of the world: a little heroism is all well and good, but too much can get you thrown in the clink. Or at least, that was ...Full Article

Mini horses found wandering in Central Florida

A Narcoosee farmer is trying to track down the owner of five mini horses who mysteriously showed up on her farm this week. “We’re not sure where they came ...Full Article

NYPD horses play vital role when protecting the public

Full Article

Firefighters Respond to Muddy Horse Rescue

While firefighters are often credited for battling blazes and responding to accidents, it’s not often they respond to calls involving animals. Or is it? Well, this is New Hampshire. ...Full Article

Rare Wild Horses Gallup Through A River In France

The Camargue horse from southern France is considered to be one of the oldest breeds in the world. As a result of their status they are allowed to run ...Full Article

Fertility Control Pioneer Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick Dies at 75

Jay Kirkpatrick, PhD, credited with pioneering the use of the fertility control drug porcine zona pellucida (PZP) as an alternative to wild horse gathers, died on Dec. 16 after ...Full Article
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