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Delayed euthanasia a huge welfare issue, says head of World Horse Welfare

Huge equine welfare problems are caused across the globe by delayed euthanasia, the head of a leading horse charity says. The chief executive of World Welfare, Roly Owers, says extreme examples can involve animals being abandoned and left to die over a period of days before eventually succumbing to starvation or dehydration. The horse world needed to recognise the ...Full Article

Taxpayer Subsidized Livestock Grazing Responsible for Destruction of Public Lands

The Cloud Foundation (TCF) applauds Vickery Eckhoff’s article, “Livestock Data Fills Gap in Ongoing Wild Horse Debate,” a statistical analysis of livestock grazing in comparison with wild horse use ...Full Article

Adopting Aging Equids

Somehow it’s November already and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But that’s not the only celebration taking place this month—it’s also “Adopt a Senior Pet” month! That’s right, ...Full Article

The world’s last truly wild horse is making a comeback

In the majestic Mongolian landscape, where the vast grasslands meet the endless dunes, herds of horses rove. Neither tethered nor constrained by fencing, they run and graze on the ...Full Article

Livestock Data Fills Gap in Ongoing Wild Horse Debate

Photography: Bryce Gray A side-by-side analysis of 2014 grazing data shows wild horses greatly outnumbered by millions of privately owned livestock across 251 million acres of western public grass and ...Full Article

A legendary breed of wild horse returns to Russia

There are only about 2,000 Przewalski horses left in the world, but in October six endangered members of this species arrived in Russia. Scientists hope to restore them in ...Full Article

Folks gather to gallop along beach for special cause

As 3-year-old Noah Moore was undergoing surgery for a congenital heart defect at only 7 days old, a group of horse enthusiasts participating in an American Heart Association (AHA) ...Full Article

Wild horses could not keep her away: north-west Qld trainer takes on gruelling race in Mongolia

A horse trainer and endurance rider from north-west Queensland is one of only 40 people in the world who has been chosen to take part in the Mongol Derby, ...Full Article

Hyperflexion in Review

Hyperflexion—a position in which a horse’s nose is behind the vertical—became a welfare focus in the 1990s. Over the years it has grown increasingly common to see elite dressage ...Full Article

Assateague Horse Named After Young Cancer Victim

ASSATEAGUE — One of the latest additions to the herd of wild horses has a new proper name after a Phoenix, Md. woman won a contest and chose an ...Full Article
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