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Habitat For Horse’s Top Five Favorite Inspirational Horse Memes

There are a bunch of inspirational quotes out there and we have so many beautiful horses here! So we decided to make our very own memes using 5 of our favorite inspirational horse quotes and OUR horses! 1. We truly feel this one is true. King’s Anya is a stunning 8 year-old Quarter Horse who needs someone who will ...Full Article

Equine Sleep Patterns from A to Zzzzzzzzz

Sleep is like money: If you have enough, you don’t tend to worry about it. But if you’re caught short, it can haunt your every waking minute. And the ...Full Article

“Hey baby girl:” Woman gets last visit with beloved horse

Dying cancer patient Stephanie McManus snuggled up to her horse Luna outside Juravinski Hospital Wednesday, greeted her softly with “Hey, my baby girl” and gave her a kiss on ...Full Article

Before and after photos of neglected miniature horses rescued from Indiana home

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Several miniature horses rescued from an Indiana home are doing well, according to News 10 in Indiana. On Sunday, the Horse Shoe Equine Rescue was ...Full Article

Funny horse loves scratches in his neck Hilarious moment

  When Levi the horse makes a new friend in Tom, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want Tom to leave his side. Tom earns the huge horse’s ...Full Article

Its time to dismantle the BLM, a criminal enterprise

It’s time to dismantle the BLM, an agency that follows no barrier of law. This agency has been one of the more corrupt Federal agencies ever since it’s founding ...Full Article

Deadly weed dooms horses

DELAND — As heartbreaking as it was to watch two of her beloved horses die within a few days, Janet Rothrock was even more devastated to learn a plant in ...Full Article

Feeding Horses to Increase Weight and Body Condition

There are a number of circumstances in which owners may want their horses to increase body condition. It may simply be because a horse has lost some weight over ...Full Article

Can Horses Follow Humans’ Pointing Gestures?

We know that horses can pick up subtle human cues and body language. But recent study results suggest that ability is a skill that’s actually shaped by the horse’s ...Full Article

Burros vex supervisors

KINGMAN — Prompted in part by several recent traffic crashes with burros, the Mohave County supervisors will discuss ways to reduce the burro population in the Black Mountains. District ...Full Article
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