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Managing Feral Horses on National Park Service Lands

Are the wild horses and burros living on National Park Service lands not protected by the 1971 Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act? Just a thought, since the article below makes it seem like in some of our National Parks, officials could just go out and “eradicate them”. There is nothing in the article Full Article

Waaaay back Wednesday – A Two Headed Horse!

Wonders will never cease to amaze! A Two Headed Horse! The photo below is kind of grainy but its from 1951 news story. “Two heads are better than one, ...Full Article

Video – Horses and riders to prepare for emergencies in Lawrence County, OH

Horse owners often respond to calls on the community for help. They can go further, into terrains that can be difficult for those on foot. More communities should offer ...Full Article

Spring is here! Time to get ready to ride.

It has been a muddy winter for us here at Habitat for Horses and very cold elsewhere in the country. Now the sun is shining, grass is growing, flowers ...Full Article

Federal Horse Play in North Carolina

We have said this before and will no doubt say it again: All wild horses deserve protection. The East Coast wild mustangs on the Outer Banks have been there ...Full Article

Our Tennessee Walker Sweetheart is getting closer to her goal!

During the Galveston Island horse seizure last February, Habitat for Horses brought in 27 new mouths to feed. The mare we are for now nicknaming “Our Tennessee Walker Sweetheart” ...Full Article

BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board to Meet April 22-23

If you are a horse lover and you live in or will be visiting the Columbus, OH area this April 22nd – April 23rd, speak your mind on how ...Full Article

Source of Life

Happy Sunday Morning to Ya’ll. It is a gorgeous spring day, the morning chores are done, now it is time to kick back and relax. Take a couple of ...Full Article

Stray Mexican donkey poses disease threat for horses on the US / Mexico border

Glanders is a highly contagious equine disease that causes painful lung ulcers. During World War II was the last time a case naturally occurred in the United States. When ...Full Article

ASPCA Help a Horse Day 2015

Habitat for Horses will be taking part in the ASPCA “Help A Horse” Day with our own Adoption Appreciation Day. We are asking that all adopters and foster families ...Full Article