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Exmoor ponies gallop to the rescue of unique Czech ecosystem

Using wild horse populations to help the environment instead of considering them to be feral vermin. Isn’t this a better way to treat our four legged friends? We will be announcing a photo contest later today celebrating our four-legged friends. HfH MILOVICE (Czech Republic), Feb 16, 2015: Wild ponies vanished from Czech soil thousands of Full Article

Cuba Moves Into New Luxury Niche: Purebred Horses

Cuba is famous for their rum and cigars. What many people do not know is that they are also known in the equine world for training and breeding horses. ...Full Article

10 Reasons Why Horses Make the Best Valentines

Why do you think horses make the best Valentines? Adopted horses make excellent Valentines. One reason why an adopted horse makes the best Valentine is because of how much ...Full Article

Horses Doing Math: On the Quality of Scientific Studies

Many people know who Clever Hans is. If you do not, he was the horse that could do math! Or seem to anyways. Scientists now say Clever Hans was ...Full Article

Sustainable Cowboys or Welfare Ranchers of the American West

The facts are in – the same ranchers who want the thousands of wild horses removed from range lands where their millions of cattle roam are receiving land lease ...Full Article

Throwback Thursday – Vintage Horse-y Valentines Day Cards

We started Throwback Thursday on our Facebook page recently. Its a fun thing to do – remembering fondly the past, be it our own or way back in the ...Full Article

Buncombe County balks on horse rules

Should horse owners be required to have a shelter for their horses? What types of shelters are best for horses … or do horses need shelters at all? These ...Full Article

Video – Beautiful horses running

It is the middle of the week. A good time to take a break and enjoy a video of horses. Horses are the embodiment of beauty, grace and power. ...Full Article

Galveston County horses test positive for herpes

Should Houston and Galveston area rodeo events be cancelled if EHV1 is still killing horses? Houston, TX is not in Galveston County but is very close by. There is ...Full Article

Did coyote pack slaughter police horse?

Can a coyote pack take down a healthy horse? Even if they do not outright kill a horse, coyotes could badly wound one. What are your thoughts? The officers ...Full Article