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Fifth anniversary of the rediscovery of the Caspian horse

Caspian horses are quite short by modern standards. Their original height when rediscovered is between 9 and 11.2 hands high – more of a pony by our standards. They are known for their sweet temperament. In more recent years, they have become a popular children’s first riding horse. ~ HfH From: Horse Talk Fifty years since rediscovery of horse ...Full Article

Vadar – A Life of Courage and Devotion

Peggy Neaves and her husband are two of the very special supporters of Habitat for Horses. They provide foster care and a sanctuary for horses who would otherwise be ...Full Article

Mexican Livestock Association Finding Meat Alternatives

What they meaning by “alternatives” is horse meat. Could it be that since Europe is no longer buying the numbers of horses for meat that once were that Mexico ...Full Article

The secret lives of horses

Friendships come and go. Foals grow up and move away. New research reveals how sophisticated equines really are. From: Salon By: Wendy Williams of Scientific American Why they’re more ...Full Article

Wild horse genome reveals hidden costs of domestication

Captive breeding has helped preserve the last breed of wild horse on Earth, but it has also altered the Przewalksi horse’s gene pool. From: The Christian Science Monitor By: ...Full Article

10 Learning Theory-Based Horse Training Principles

From: The Horse By: Alexandra Beckstett, The Horse Managing Editor Andrew McLean, PhD, BSc, Dipl. Ed, renowned horse trainer and head of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, in Victoria, ...Full Article

What We’re Learning About Senior Horses

Just as humans are living longer due to better medical care and diet – so are our horse companions. It is important to stay in the loop with the ...Full Article

Jessup, brave of heart

From: Galveston Daily News By Debbie Stoutamire “When I am brave enough to say goodbye, I’ll use the wings you gave me, and away I will fly.”— Celia Mcmahon ...Full Article

Latest research sheds light on puzzling horse diseases

Research into the causes of equine diseases moves forward. The better we understand how these diseases actually effect horses, the better medicines or perhaps even preventatives can be produced. ...Full Article

‘Unbranded’ Sheds Light on Wild Horse Issues in the West

UPDATE – This is actually a Pro-Cattle / Anti- Wild Horse film according to those who have viewed screenings! It is difficult to tell from the promotional materials provided ...Full Article
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