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Casualties of the vanishing West: How monied interests are forcefully evicting wild horses

Chief, a Kiger mustang born in the remote wilderness of Utah, lives with 400 other rescued wild horses and burros in a 1,500 acre sanctuary, hundreds of miles from his original home. Years ago the stallion was captured in a round up led by the Bureau of Land Management. After a long helicopter chase, he ended up in a government-run holding facility for years before being ...Full Article

Horse Handling Techniques for Veterinarians and Owners

Equine veterinarians are at risk of serious injury when the 1,200-pound animals they’re treating don’t want to participate. We know, in fact, that their profession is one of the ...Full Article

From the Pulpit: Test your knowledge on horses in the Bible

Horses are mentioned in many places in the Bible with both actual and figurative references. Horses are often mentioned in prophetic and poetic books and are often associated with ...Full Article

Dying cancer patient’s last wish to see his horse one more time was granted when the animal was brought to hospital

A cancer patient who devoted his life to breeding horses had his last wish granted when his favourite animal was brought to his hospital bedside four days before he ...Full Article

OpEd – Jerry Finch – The Full Report

There are times when a link to a news article just doesn’t make it. You want more and, in this case, the full report by the Department of Interior ...Full Article

The Secret Lives of Horses

Some time around 35,000 years ago, when much of Europe was locked up in sheets of ice, an artist acquired a bit of mammoth ivory and began carving. A ...Full Article

Federal report: Colorado wild horse buyer sold mustangs for slaughter

The nation’s largest buyer of wild horses repeatedly lied to federal officials and sent roughly 1,700 mustangs to the slaughterhouse, according to a scathing report issued Friday finding significant ...Full Article

So you think you know how to load a horse?

Some people draw a crowd when loading a reluctant horse into a trailer — some have found innovative ways to solve this problem.Full Article

Country Dog

Doug the pug kills time at a grocery store by riding a mechanical horse.Full Article

Two Sides Of The NYC Horse Carriage Ban Debate

Vintage horse-drawn carriages have been an iconic sight around New York for more than 150 years. You’ve likely seen them on New York’s streets and in its parks — ...Full Article
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