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Lawmakers Call for Action After Mass Horse Slaughter

Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are weighing in on the recent damning investigative report by the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General, about the Bureau of Land Management’s mismanagement of our nation’s iconic wild horses. The report concluded that the agency, under then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, failed to prevent a notorious livestock hauler named Tom ...Full Article

Big Dog And Tiny Horse Have A Friendship That’s Just Right

When choosing a sparring partner, it’s a good idea to pick someone from a similar weight class. That’s just what Tara, a foal-sized Stafford, found in Aladdin, a dog-sized ...Full Article

How to Manage Limb Lacerations in Horses

If you find your horse with a severe laceration on his leg and blood pooling on the stall floor, no doubt your heart will immediately skip a beat. As ...Full Article

Family seeks justice for dead horse

WEYERS CAVE – Julia Liskey was still somewhat awake when she heard the noise in the front pasture of her home in Weyers Cave early Saturday morning. “Some car ...Full Article

Amazon Prime saves the day for this lonely little horse

Click here to shop at AmazonSmile and support Habitat for Horses! Support the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses! Donate today – click here now. Habitat for ...Full Article

Here’s A Really Bright Idea For Keeping Horses Safe At Night

Here’s an idea that might make you say “whoa.” Horses for millennia have been among humankind’s most loyal and helpful companions, and their presence throughout history has been crucial ...Full Article

Wild horses in Eastern Kentucky face threats

Horses have roamed free for decades on old surface mines in Eastern Kentucky, but with unchecked breeding and owners apparently turning out more mares and stallions in recent years, ...Full Article

Lost Penguin Finds Friends In Gentle Herd Of Curious Wild Horses

Friendship crosses all lines and barriers. It crosses sex, age, religion, locality, species and size. And just when you think you have seen the most unusual cross species pairing, ...Full Article

Rebel Equi-Learning: Horses Teaching Humans

Professional development is an important process for every working man and woman to go through to help them become better leaders in the workplace and communicate effectively with coworkers. ...Full Article

Ranch owner uses horses as therapy for abused children

FAIRFAX, Iowa – Some would say there’s a special bond between a horse and its owner. That’s what Running the Race Horse Ranch President Chris Jordan wants to introduce ...Full Article
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