Break Time at the Ranch


Its Sunday once again. Time to take a break and enjoy the Cowboy Poetry of Smokey Culver…


Break Time at the Ranch

By: Smokey Culver

The horses are fed, the water troughs filled
and the hay has been scattered around

A moment of quiet, a chance to sit back,
maybe time for quick trip to town

When you work around livestock, you figure it out,
they depend on you being right there

When its time for a feedin’ or to patch up a cut
it just seems they all know that we care

It’s the way that ol’ more watches when I walk by
waitin’ for me tell her hello

And she lowers her head lets me scratch ‘tween her ears
when you love them, they just seem to know

Or that donkey who’s making a heck of a fuss
he’s been ’round for a good 30 years

And we all tend to give him a bit more respect
’cause seniority rules around here

Well the break’s about over, the horses have eaten
it’s time now to open the gates

And they’ll head for the pasture to graze for awhile
enjoying their leisurely day

But sure as the sun shows its face in the mornin’
they’ll be standin’ around by the pen

As the feed tubs are filled and the hay bales are busted
they’ll be hungry all over again….


AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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