BLM temporarily suspends horse gather


One thing to note is in the media coverage of the Humboldt horse gather, the numbers the BLM claim to be rounding up this summer keep changing. ~ HfH

From: Elko Daily Press

humboldtwildhorsesWINNEMUCCA — You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t necessarily lead him to a water trap.

The Bureau of Land Management’s Humboldt River Field Office has temporarily suspended a wild horse water/bait trap gather in Pershing County, because gather numbers have been minimal.

As of June, 27, only 37 horses out of 100 had been gathered. The operation will continue on July , with the anticipation that the horses will be more accustomed to the trap-site structure.

“Water bait trapping is not an exact science and there are many factors that must be considered,” BLM Field Manager Victor Lozano said. “Temporarily suspending gather operations will allow the wild horses to become familiar with the facilities, reducing skittishness.”

The gather area is comprised of 431,544 acres of both private and public lands. Removing the excess wild horses will help prevent further deterioration of the range and water resources, as well as address safety issues on roads and private land issues, according to the BLM.

There are currently an estimated 282 wild horses, based on an aerial count conducted in May 2014.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Rummy

    That’s 1,800 acres pe horse, which is certainly overcrowded!Finding a horse with that much room is like finding a Maylasian airplane

    June 30, 2014
  • Janet Schultz

    Thsi HMA is one of those zeroed according to Land Use (sOnoma Gerlach) documents filed after the 1971 Act. The land is so precious, right? Do a Google earth of the two mines out there. One mine is in a remote canyon accessible by a one land dirt road. Two horses were killed on that road. I commented that mabe BLM should be more concerned about dust and degradation of the road due to high speeds of the trucks whipping in and out of there. Then there is the mine to the north which was justed granted an expansion. That one makes one sick to their stomach at the earth gouged and disruppted. The horses are scattered around this zeroed out HMA, remnant survivors. Obviously, not concerned for water (probably had to lure them n with alfalfa). There is only reason for this so-called roundup, besides the obvious claim of Land Use document superceding the 1971 Act. Money in the budget must be spent.

    June 30, 2014
  • Daryl

    I do not think they know how to count, do you?
    Seems numbers keep changing, records are not kept, numbers seem to clime all the time for the horses on the range, and the pens are all filled, no room and they keep getting more….Call the white house and let them know your feelings….1 202 456 1111

    June 30, 2014