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BLM proposes horse roundup in southern Wyoming 

(Note to the BLM Office of Sending Out Press Releases – Amazing timing here, guys. Yesterday you sent out a press release saying you have no more room, and today’s release from the other side of the country says you MUST round up more horses. This is just too sweet to not make comments about, like a minimum of “861” horses? Really? Not 860? And in ALL THAT LAND there isn’t room for a few hundred more? Question: How many cattle are running on that land at $1.35 per head per acre? And while you guys are running around up there, tell your friend Sloppy Sue I said hi. I’m sure she’s happy to serve you some horse steaks. – Jerry )

San Francisco Chronicle, May 10, 2013

wyoming_ref_2001RAWLINS, Wyo. (AP) — The Bureau of Land Management is proposing a wild horse roundup in Wyoming in an area in Sweetwater and Carbon counties, from Interstate 80 south to the Colorado border.

The agency says the public can comment before June 10 on an environmental assessment of the proposed roundup, which would help the agency reduce conflicts between wild horses and private landowners in the area.

The BLM estimates there will be nearly 1,450 wild horses there by the summer. The BLM says the ideal population is between 861 and 1,165 wild horses.

It proposes gathering hundreds of horses in August, returning some of the mares to the area after they’ve been treated with a fertility control drug, and preparing other horses for sale or adoption.

Online: http://on.doi.gov/10MjSTX

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