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BLM Accepting Public Ideas for Potential Competition 

Prize offered for competition by BLM

Let us take the Bureau of Land Management at their word… difficult as that can be… that they are indeed looking for new untried by the BLM solutions to managing the wild horse and burro herds. To get involved, remember they are trying to figure out what wording to use in their actual competition – not the solution – even if they ask for your input.

Who will be allowed to enter the actual competition? That is not told. If it is Big Pharma or Big Business and not actual biologists and those interested in the welfare of the wild horses and burros then this is all a moot point to actually generating the best answers. ~ HFH

From: BLM.gov

Prize offered for competition by BLMThe BLM is exploring the potential of a prize-based competition as part of its efforts to improve the management of wild horses and burros. The competition will to find innovative solutions to this important and complex issues. BLM is currently in the design phase of this project; formulating the requirements, parameters, and scope of potential challenge question(s).

The public can get involved in this design phase by sharing their views on how BLM can best target the competition in order to solicit the most practical, innovative ideas that ensure healthy animals on healthy rangelands. The most helpful submissions will answer the following questions:

1. Which general approaches do you see as the most promising for helping BLM to effectively manage wild horses and burros?

2. Do you believe there are obstacles preventing BLM from adopting your recommended approaches? (You may want to consider technological, market, social or legal obstacles).

Members of the public are welcome to submit their input to Wildhorse@blm.gov with “Prize” in the subject line.

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