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Baby donkey has run of the house in Garden Hill 

Baby Donkey indoors

It is Sunday…time for something on the lighter side. Who has never met a horse or donkey that enjoyed indoor living? This baby donkey certainly will. We at Habitat for Horses once in a while do meet an equine friend with a taste for indoor life. Thom, our ranch manager, had a horse who wanted nothing more than to help with his office work. I will need to look for that picture…when I find it, I will post it to our Facebook photos at https://www.facebook.com/Habitat.for.Horses.org – you do not need a Facebook account to view our posts and photos there! ~ HfH

From: Durham Region
By: Kristen Calis

Baby Donkey indoors

Awww too cute.

NORTHUMBERLAND — It’s not unusual to see a baby donkey running in and out of the Handley home in Garden Hill these days.

Having a donkey in the house wasn’t planned, and Lesley Handley never thought a foal would excitedly chase her children on their bicycles this summer, or nose around the kitchen when she cooks dinner.

But when she was asked to help save the newborn’s life, the mother of three couldn’t refuse.

After raising and breeding donkeys for more than a decade, Ms. Handley’s father, George Carnochan, has never seen a mother donkey reject its young. But on July 2, one of the jennies at his farm just south of Port Perry gave birth and would have nothing to do with her newborn.

“The minute the donkey is born, the (mother) ‘licks it off’ and mothers it,” said Mr. Carnochan, who also farms beef cattle. “What happened here is the mother walked away.”

Since this particular jenny has given birth three to five times in the past without issue, her neglect puzzled Mr. Carnochan. But he knew he had to act fast since newborns need colostrum — a mother’s first milk — in order to survive. Despite a struggle, he was able to get some milk from the mother. However, she immediately started kicking at her foal and he knew there would have to be another way to raise her.

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