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Call tomorrow morning to stop donkey basketball in Magnolia, TX

February 9th, 2014 (8)
CORRECTION: Charlie Riley’s correct phone number is 281/330-9589 and Magnolia Jr. High’s correct phone number is 281/356-1327. Tomorrow is the last day before the Donkey Basketball event in Magnolia, Texas. Let the school, the seniors participating/benefiting from this abusive ...

Behind the scenes with the Clydesdales of the Puppy Love Super Bowl ad

February 9th, 2014 (3)

The cowboy way to catch and load horses

February 8th, 2014 (4)
On Monday be sure to let Magnolia ISD and the Friendship Center know that Donkey Basketball is NOT acceptable entertainment. We keep pressing this point because the Donkey Basketball event will happen this Tuesday, February 11th. Call Diana Trim ...

How to stop donkey basketball

February 7th, 2014 (4)
As many of you know from our previous post, on February 11th a donkey basketball event will be held in Magnolia, TX under the guise as a fundraiser for a senior center. We still need people to contact the ...

Interior Secretary Calls For Prize To Make Better Wild Horse Birth Control

February 7th, 2014 (5)
The fact that there are over 8 million cattle on the same lands as 40,000 horses seems to be lost on the BLM. Perhaps the over population on public lands is with cattle not horses. ~ HfH From: Oregon ...

Bill includes language to end U.S. horse slaughter

February 6th, 2014 (1)
The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014 includes language that will end horse slaughter for the next two years. Susan Wagner, President of Equine Advocates, says: ‘we are finally on the road to a permanent ban’. ~ HfH From: Chatham ...

The horse and burro as positively contributing returned natives in North America

February 6th, 2014 (1)
There are anti wild horse people who liken wild horses and burros to an invasive species depleting the West’s resources. Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist, has recently published a scientific article on how the return of horses and burros to ...

Captivity Deadly For Some Oregon Wild Horses

February 5th, 2014 (1)
The Bureau of Land Management needs to be held accountable for the deaths not only by capture but in their corrals (see full article). Humane or inhumane… what is the necessity of these round ups? ~ HfH From: The ...

Canadian Anti-Horse Slaughtering Bill Would Allow Exceptions

February 5th, 2014 (2)
Is this not a compromise in the wrong direction for anti-horse slaughter? ~ HfH From: Blackburn News By: Ray Baynton A British Columbia MP has re-worked his private member’s bill which would have banned horse slaughtering in Canada. Alex ...

Agency seeks comments on Wyoming horse sanctuary

February 4th, 2014 (2)
Over population of wild horses and burros or cattle being given preference to public lands? So many questions that need to be answered. ~ HfH From: Seattle PI By: Mead Gruver CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The U.S. Bureau of ...