Attorney for Tennessee Walking Horse trainer responds to indictment

Larry Wheelon from the Daily Times

According to Wheelon’s attorney, those awful animal activists are unfairly accusing him of harming horses. All those horses suffering in pain that were found in the raid, some who simply could not stand up,… were just fine. I think not. ~ HfH Web Mistress
From: The Tennessean
By: Heidi Hall

Horse soring

“Soring” of a Tennessee Walking Horse

The attorney for a Maryville, Tenn., horse trainer charged with animal abuse said Thursday that his client never injured any horses and is a victim of pressure from animal protection groups.

Larry Wheelon, 68, and three other men were indicted Monday for conspiracy and felony animal abuse in connection with an April 18 raid on Wheelon’s stables and the seizure of 19 Tennessee Walking Horses. Workers with the Blount County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the horses were moaning and casting — struggling to stand up — with chemicals smeared on their legs.

Attorney Rob White contends the horses were in better shape before they were seized.

“All I wanted was the truth out there,” White said. “These special interest groups led the (district attorney general) to indict my client, or else he wouldn’t have.

“My client has not sored any horses. It’s absurd.”

Soring is the process of injuring walking horses’ hooves or legs to produce an extreme version of their naturally longer, higher gait.

Blount County District Attorney General Mike Flynn said he wouldn’t comment directly on the Wheelon case, however, “we deal in evidence and facts, and we present those to the judge and grand jury, and this case is no different.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • LuAnn Keller

    Wheelon’s attorney and Wheelon are full of it. Wheelon did this to himself not special interest groups. Wheelon is a cruel, sadistic , narcissistic bastard. It has been proven people that treat animals this way treat people this way. I would almost guarantee he treats his wife poorly and other people. I don’t know how any decent person(attorney) could defend this kind of behavior. Some people will do anything for money. May they suffer as these horses are and have. KARMA. I hope he gets his and what he deserves

    December 6, 2013
  • This makes me ill……they should all be locked up including the attorney…..

    December 7, 2013