ASPCA Biased? NYPD Mounted Cops Now Enforcing Carriage Horse Rules

NYC Central Park Carriage Rides

We are certain more information about this shift in enforcement will be out in the coming days…and we will post on it. For now, an old Texas saying comes to mind: There is your side of the story, my side of the story and the truth. What must not be lost in all this is the welfare of the NYC Carriage Horses. ~ HfH

From: Equine Journal
By: Lauren MacCarthy

NYC Central Park Carriage RidesWhile NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has yet to make good on his campaign promise to eliminate the carriage horse industry in New York City, the keepers of the rules have changed. In February, the NYPD were tasked with enforcing the rules, through its Mounted Unit, one of the oldest and largest horse patrol units in the United States.

Formerly, all city regulations on carriage horses, including where and when they can be on the streets, the restrictions based on weather and temperature, and rules governing their stable spaces, were enforced by the ASPCA. However, the ASPCA has been criticized for a conflict of interest in their enforcement of rules against an industry that the animal organization had pledged to end. The ASPCA has been a huge funder and it’s president is co-president of the best organized and well-funded lobbying group NYCLASS, who wants to have the carriages banned and replaced with electric powered replicas of antique automobiles.

The possible conflict exploded when the ASPCA pressured and then fired its chief equine vet Pamela Corry for refusing to say that a carriage horse who died less than two weeks into his work in the city had been killed by the job. The carriage horse industry has been controversial for years, but activists say that de Blasio’s campaign promised to end the industry is their first real chance for change in several years. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose daughter Georgina is a well-known equestrian, supported the carriage horse industry and refused to ban it.

Draft legislation to ban the industry may take months to move through the city council which must approve it. Even if a ban is approved, the carriage horse owners and operators have pledged to fight the ban in the courts.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • I often wish people would fight as hard FOR these horses and their health/safety/and well-being as they do for the continuation of this blantant cruelty! Just another day of being ashamed to be human….

    February 28, 2014
  • Sue

    Simply put, I’d like to see action taken to improve the welfare of the horses. Or, perhaps, no action?

    February 28, 2014
  • Callie1983

    The NYPD Mounted Unit has always been the First Responders when it comes to the Carriage Horses. That has long been their responsibility as they are Horsemen and Horsewomen. Make no mistake, this is how it has always been.

    February 28, 2014
  • The ASPCA is not your local volunteer animal shelter. The ASPCA has been hijacked by radical animal rights activist. It is a hundred fifty million dollar corporation that spends almost every dime it gets on obscene salaries and filing lawsuits. It raises money by showing ads of cute dogs and cats, but it spends less then 10% to feed and shelter cats and dogs. What it does spend money on, is the vegan activist group Mercy for Animals and a 9 million dollar judgment for filing false allegations against the Ringling Brothers THE ASPCA IS AGAINST RODEO AND WESTERN TRADITIONS. The ASPCA IS FOR A VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE AND AGAINST EATTING MEAT. The ASPCA wants to change our eating habits and standard of living by outlawing farming methods that are used on family farms. The ASPCA is bad for America so don’t applaud its lackeys. If you want to support something think about giving to the child fund, St. Jude, the Wounded Warriors, or you local food bank. If you want to help animals, give money to you local animal shelter. Giving money to the ASPCA is giving money to a bloated bureaucracy that waste it on salaries and litigation. It claims to do good but if you really look at what it does, it only piggybacks on the work of local organizations.

    March 1, 2014
    • v hai

      …and your point is?
      Sounds like you’re ranting against the changing times.
      We’re entering an era that recognizes:
      (1) the inefficiency of meat in the food production system especially given the severity of climate change (therefore veganism)
      (2) that using animals for profit is barbaric now that we understand animal neuroscience and their capacity to feel pain, suffering, and to make choices (hence the growing disgust over seaworld, ringling bros, rodeos, bullfights, slaughterhouses)
      (3) it takes lots of $$ money to counter the mega-agro corporations that perpetrate most of the cruelties inflicted on animals (it takes a corporation to fight a corporation) which is why litigation is so necessary to hold them accountable.
      (4) ASPCA’s practice of leveraging on locals only makes sense if the truth is to be spread as far and as quickly as possible before it gets distorted by the defenders of cruelty who wish their watchdogs would go away so they can continue their cruelty in private (without the reach of ASPCA-like organizations, who else is watchdogging those who cage and eventually kill for profit?).
      (5) most objectors are just normal folks who are opening their eyes and making intelligent, informed choices, especially as family farms aren’t the issue since they are as much victims of corporate greed pushing small farmers out of their small holdings as are the animals who have no room to move, play, run, socialize, graze, grow old (or even reach partial maturity), preserve familial relationships & bonds, and live a life the way their dna expects.
      (6) the negative effects on those employees squeezed between ruthless bosses’ demands and the aggression they need to muster in order to handle captive animals against their will (contrary to popular sentiment, animals do not enjoy being captive or being coerced – would you?) often has consequences reaching far into the community as frustrated workers take their anger, resentment, and feelings of powerlessness out on family or community members.

      ASPCA is not perfect by any stretch, but then who is?
      At least they are trying to curb the tidal wave of ignorance that keeps the cruelty-profiteers’ pursuit of profit cloaked in darkness while the suffering of countless billions of animals remains invisible except to those brave enough to look.
      We’re not our ancestors.
      We can now look and see the truth thanks to orgs like the ASPCA.

      March 4, 2014