As Western range suffers, should Utah cull wildlife?


From: Salt Lake Tribune
By: Brett Prettyman

wild-life-cullCameron Hallows runs cattle on private land on Monroe Mountain, a mosaic of open meadows and massive aspen stands once home to an elusive bull elk that still holds a world record for its massive antlers.

Elk, deer and other wildlife have shared the rangelands of the West with livestock for well over a century. But as drought continues and forage becomes scarce, ranchers’ frustrations with a surging overpopulation of wild horses are spreading to big game.

Hallows was one of several ranchers who asked the Utah Wildlife Board earlier this month to encourage more hunting by increasing the number of permits issued.

“It is important we realize, us as livestock people, sportsmen, the Division [of Wildlife Resources] and everybody else, that we need to face the fact that there is a serious situation coming in our direction,” Hallows, second vice president of the Utah Cattlemen’s Association, told the board.

“If we don’t get on the same page for range management,” he warned, “it will affect us in a way we don’t want it to.”

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • This Planet was made for all Species to share in harmony, it does not belong to any one species , start learning to SHARE this fabulous Land with all species !!!!! The Mustangs are a needed species and belong here as you and I do………………….

    May 19, 2014