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Arson at Valley Meat – A Thoughtful Opinion 


July 31, 2013

Valley Meat Company

Valley Meat Company

No one, other than law enforcement any any other person involved, has any clues as to the cause of a fire at the proposed horse slaughterhouse in Roswell, New Mexico. No one has come forth with knowledge of the person(s) who poured accelerant and started the flames. Rick De Los Santos has pointed the finger at “animal activists,” and made statements that he feels his life is in danger. There is an old saying – “When you point a finger at someone, remember that you have three fingers pointed back at yourself.”

One of our readers, Daniel Cordero, is a long time friend and prolific writer and researcher who probably knows more about how things work in this country that the majority of politicians. Daniel’s response to the news of the fire was in a comment made to that post, but rather that let it fall into an area where it might not be read, I’m posting it here for all to read. A reminder, this is just his opinion, something for all of us to ponder and perhaps something for law enforcement to consider. There are two sides to every story. To find the truth, both sides need to be heard.

Daniel Cordero :

Logic dictates this was an inside job, not for the insurance money but for the publicity they get out of it which, in case someone still wonders, is probably the only reason they are “opening” this plant.

Known facts:

– Valley Meats was denied its discharge permit, hence preventing it from opening anytime soon. In order to afford charting away tons upon tons of wastewater and offal you must first have a running business (it is an expensive thing). Such solutions were adopted by Cavel and Dallas Crown because they were already running when their permits where revoked and had both “killing stock” purchased and customer orders to be filled abroad. Valley Meats has neither.

– Local authorities are opposed to the opening of this place.

– The plant still faces a lawsuit that might result on its closure due to lack of inspectors.

– The inspectors funding ban might very well be enacted.

– The plant is not EU approved so it cannot operate, unless Ricardito plans to sell horsemeat to the UFO-piloting aliens.

– This “arson” comes in very timely to justify why the plant didn’t open. In fact is is a perfect coverup for its ludicrous business plan. Santos has no orders to fill, no partners able to take in its output and no way to take it to where it is sold (and no, Russia and China are not markets for export horse meat, they already have their own). To put it simply, should this plant ever opens it would  blow its own coverup, and reveal to the world that it’s nothing but a dud, a farce to keep alive the slippery-slope argument about allowing “animal rights radicals” to get into policymaking, which is what really brings revenue to the people orchestrating this freakshow: Wallis and the agribusiness lobby. 

– The arson was devised in a way so as to not to really cause damage to the premises. As someone already suggested, it this were an actual arson it would have been done:

a) In a way so as to ruin the place totally; hence preventing Santos from being able to open under any circumstance rather than just delaying him and allow the presentation to the press of an excuse for not opening at all despite being able to do so. In real, docummented arson incidents you just don’t get “somene” climbing a fence to “pour accelerant” (most likely 190 proof alcohol of the kind sold in pharmacies, a low temp burning fuel that should not produce much damage and is easy to put out) down on some compressor (which perhaps was likely unserviceable); you get an organized, coordinated group that either do a hit-and-run attack with molotov cocktails (made with gasoline so as to spread the fire quickly as much as possible and which doesn’t require climbing fences) or prepare time-fused incendiary gas bombs able to devastate the place.

b) It would have been done at night, when darkeness provides protection to the attacker and make possible witnesses difficult to recognize or detect. How convenient for Ricardito to get a “passerby” to call the police… A passerby at 2:30 am would have been a little suspicious so let’s do it at daylight.

I just hope they were stupid enough to not to use gloves and that lil’ Timmy left his fingerprints all over the place; but of course that won’t make it to the press, dirty linen is never washed in public.

– If there were ever a serious, credible attempt at resuming horse slaughter from the United States it would not come from a small, low-capacity operation that was shut down by USDA because Ricky’ business basically consisted on killing banned, BSE-filled downer cows (as he unwisely admitted once to te press); it would come from Dallas, Texas where there is still a plant from a real multinational company that is already EU-approved and that does sell horsemeat in the markets where it is sold. If they were really interested in resuming horse slaughter from the US, Beltex would have used all its muscle to push for the abolition of the Texas horsemeat ban. They have got the resources to do so, if they want, but they don’t need to because they already have a running plant in Mexico; and, by this logic, they don’t need either to associate with Nobody Santos and Wacky Wallis.

– Ricardito has at least a CCTV camera watching the place (if all dollar-stores have them, why not this so-called business ready to take on international export ventures). Well, then let’s see the video Ricardito and show the police who did this so he can be arrested… but, darn, guess you turned them off that day or perhaps the power went out…

– It doesn’t matter if Valley Meats opens up or not; in either case Wallis wins. If it opens, then she presents herself as entrepreneur and job-creator, the salvantion of small ag. businesses, bringer of progress… if not, she just spins it off and whines about the animal rights liberals and the [add your favorite racist expletive here] in the White House.

After such an exposition of fact it shouldn’t take much for anyone to figure out that this incident is a joke, and a bad one at that.