Welcome to Habitat For Horses!|Sunday, February 14, 2016

Always Trust Your Heart 


“Killer horses”

I first heard that phrase when I started hanging around horse folks during my pre-teen years. Usually it applied to some snorting, fire-breathing monster of a horse stuck in a stall way back in the barn. We were taught to be scared of them. “They’ll kill ya’ in a second.”

That was a long time ago. Those who enjoy horse slaughter for fun and profit use it now as one of their 10,000 excuses why the only good horse is a dead horse. Of the 5,000 plus horses I’ve personally handled over the last few years, I can honestly say that I’ve only handled one that qualified as a “killer horse.” After a month of special training, instead of breathing fire, he was letting a little girl ride him.

Far too many horses learn to hate humans early in life. Beaten, abused, cursed, most turn inward and become mentally empty. A few fight back, as they should. They get sold, someone else tries to “train” them by beating them up and bucking them out, eventually  giving up and hauling them back to the auction. We all know what eventually happens.

Bottom line – people make killer horses, and very special people can turn those horses into perfect companions. All it takes is…..

Watch the video, then finish the sentence.


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