Advocates join wild horse lawsuit

wild horses

From: Elko Daily Free Press
By: Dylan Woolf Harris

wild horsesELKO — Horse advocates successfully intervened Wednesday in a federal lawsuit that decried wild horses management in Nevada after arguing their interests were not represented by the plaintiffs or defendants.

The Nevada Association of Counties and the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation filed suit in December against the feds, alleging that expanding wild horse populations were detrimental to the range and wild animals, including horses. The suit said damage caused by horse herds didn’t allow for multiple use on public land.

The plaintiffs called for the government to immediately round up excess horses and burros and sell, auction or “dispose” of them instead of house the animals in long-term facilities.

Since then, two separate court motions to intervene were filed on behalf of wild horse advocates, who believe the intent of the lawsuit is to clear horses from public land and allow for their slaughter.

In the original complaint, NACO said it merely wants the Bureau of Land Management to follow the Wild Horse and Burro Act, and denied that it sought to remove all horses from the range.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Nancy Albin

    omg! I went & read “Elko Daily Free News” oh are there some people with so much to say about the wild horses & advocates & the public land with their info so wrong & their heads so far up … that they will never hear that “pop” sound, because their head will never see the light of day again! But bravo to Laura Leigh & the others she sure is a fighter good for her bravo standing ovation! Money is not here yet so my hands are tied all i can do is post post & phone calls for now. oh & pray with all my might. And to the guy who is saying that horses weren’t here before needs to read up a little on there history because they are Native North America’s Horses!!!!

    April 4, 2014
  • ginger kinard

    Has a proposal been made to capture, geld and release the stallions(especially young ones that haven’t started their own herd)? This simple step would reduce population at a cost efficient price, wouldn’t send such a gallant symbol to such a harsh fate as slaughter, PLUS would still preserve a sense of the west that people love so much. Just a thought….

    April 7, 2014