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ABC News – How low can you go? 

Hiding from a killer-buyer

Hiding from a killer-buyer

Media reporters usually try to write unbiased reports, be they for TV or print.  However, we’re also used to seeing the lack of research, the quoting of unsubstantiated “facts” and biased, pro-slaughter angle stories. In the article below, one is led to believe that it can’t happen here, that the slaughter of American horses has long passed and we are all safe from the corruption found in the EU. In addition, the ABC News reporters on TV see horse slaughter and the EU scandal as a source on intense humor, laughing insanely as their own jokes about Burger King and White Castle hamburgers.

Just FYI, 160,000 horses from the US were slaughtered and shipped to the EU for human consumption last year alone, most filled with bute and a dozen other drugs forbidden for human consumption.

“The bottom line is that no horse meat is legally being slaughtered for commerce right now in the United States.” – True, but shouldn’t the reporter mention that our horses are transported south and north, across the border, with no inspection, no passport, no medical history, often straight off the racetrack or from the vet’s clinic?

What a sad disservice to their viewers and hardly a laughing matter.

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European Horse Meat Scandal Not Likely to Happen in U.S.

by Sydney Lupkin/ Feb 15 ,2013/ ABCNews

Europeans were horrified to learn that their frozen processed beef products — including lasagna and hamburger — tested positive for horse meat, but experts said it was unlikely that horsemeat could ever make it onto plates on this side of the Atlantic.

The United States no longer slaughters horses or imports horse meat from other countries, a U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesman told ABCNews.com. In addition, none of the companies or countries that recalled beef in connection to the labeling scandal exports beef to the United States.

“It’s difficult to say that it could never happen here, but it’s a lot less likely,” said William Hallman, the director of the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers University. “The bottom line is that no horse meat is legally being slaughtered for commerce right now in the United States.”

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland announced on Jan. 15 that its meat labeling investigation of 27 hamburger products (which were supposed to contain only beef) revealed that 37 percent of them tested positive for horse DNA, and 85 percent tested positive for pig DNA.

But no one seems upset about the mislabeled pig meat.

“Largely, it’s not a food-safety issue,” Hallman said. “It’s that people expected one thing and got another. What they got is culturally inappropriate for a lot of people.”

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