A Tribute to MoZ


Debbie Stoutamire

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle” – St. Francis of Assisi”

There are horses who climb into your heart, and tug on your heart strings; and never let go. MoZ was one of those horses.I met MoZ back in rehab at the Habitat for Horses in February of 2012 before his disease became apparent. He was always one of my favorites. MoZ wore his heart on his sleeve; and oh, what a heart he had!

MoZThom Fossing was in charge of the horses in rehab back then; and he became concerned when MoZ started losing weight. Doc Jenkins performed a sonogram in August of 2012, and MoZ’s diagnosis was inflammatory bowel disease. It caused malabsorption, which meant that MoZ was not absorbing his nutrients, no matter how much he ate. Moderate doses of steroids daily did not help; and he was constantly hungry but lost weight.
The scar tissue that MoZ carried inside because of his disease never healed, but the wounds to his heart did. MoZ knew he was loved at the end. MoZ left this world on April 19, 2013. Carole Ann Pujazon, the Volunteer Coordinator at the Habitat, told me that he was so brave and passed so peacefully. It was a gentle, sweet passing. He looked at those gathered around him for the last time as if to say “it’s o.k., I’ll be watching over you all from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for loving me”. MoZ had a special tree at the Habitat he would lie under when tired, and Jerry Finch, the founder of the Habitat, would lie down with him and cradle his sweet head in his lap, and tell MoZ stories of the brave horses that went before him. He is buried under that oak tree. A monument in his honor was set up by Carol Anne. His suffering has ended, and now he is with God.

The heart never lies. Horses know nothing of money, status, beauty, or accomplishments. They only see your heart and accept us or reject us based on what they find. And God looks at the heart. MoZ had the heart of a champion. He endured, persevered, and fought the good fight of faith until the very end. MoZ, pure and brave of heart, rest in peace forever.

In remembrance of MoZ and other horses who have gone before him, :The Horse at Home for Greener Pastures, An Equine Evening; will be held on November 7th at 6 p.m. in Houston. 100 % of funds raised will benefit the Greener Pastures Land Fund for rescued horses. The goal of the Land Fund is to have enough land and resources to build the infrastructure needed to house more abused and abandoned horses. MoZ would have liked that.

To learn about “The Horse at Home” visit habitatforhorses.org

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
  • Robyn

    I am crying over this story and what a beautiful horse…

    October 29, 2013
  • As I battle through the tears for Moz and all his people who loved him dearly , even tho I did not know him or the people who loved him, my heart can feel the sadness they feel . i also know and can feel in my heart that Moz knew how loved and Lucky he was to be with them ….. i want to tell the people that loved him ,their is one place that no one or nothing can remove him from, and that is your hearts !!!!!There will be great comfort in knowing that !!!!! What a lucky boy he was to have all of you by his side !!!!!! Dry all of tears, he wants you to go forth and share for him the THE heart filled with love and respect you all gave to him…. !!!!!!!! Rest in Peace Beautiful Boy !!!!1

    October 29, 2013
  • Barbara Warner

    This made me cry. I am still not over losing Chris July 31st. He was 27 and a sweet, beautiful Arabian who helped us raise our daughter who has a bad heart.He was always careful with her and I think he knew .

    October 29, 2013
    • Just wanted to add this, Barbara is a beautiful Lady whose Heart and Soul has been with the horses and all animals , I have corresponded with her for many years, I know first hand her love for the Beautiful horse she named Chris, who will remain in her heart forever !!!! What she shares with all of animals is a beautiful thing !!!!! Many nites she and I cried for her Chris……..Barbara knows that Chris will always be with her heart…….. He guides her everyday !!! RIP Beautiful Chris !!!!!

      October 29, 2013
  • sherriey

    what a beautiful and heart felt loving story. thanks all of you for providing him and all the others the warmth and love they all need to heal and for a happy life. your gift to him and the others, your love, he will take with him forever and the peace you brought to him helped him thru. my heart cries for your loss..thank you for all you do…

    October 29, 2013