A Not So Righteous Protest


The Bundy crowd are at it again. This time with a different tactic – cloak yourself with the American flag, ride the range on your horses and tell everyone how the big ole mean government is destroying you …all because they have to pay very minimal fees for their cattle to feed on public land. They claim to be able to manage the range better than the BLM. They do not recognize federal laws and they follow only the ones they wish. Management under their tenure would mean that all wildlife would be imperiled. Enough of some wild life would be kept around for hunting purposes. Its easy to see how they love their guns and ATVs.

The Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act would be tossed aside. Wild horses would be treated like livestock to be sold for a few hundred dollars to slaughter houses. This is what these ranchers want. They are not like the old cowboys of the American West. Nor do they represent all ranchers. Many, including Bundy, are quite wealthy – some ranchers like Forbes even have the power to limit media coverage on the issue of the wild horses and public lands. What they want is public land access without any limitations – legal or otherwise. Do not be fooled by these wolves in sheep clothing.

Below is an article from the ranchers side with a very poor sense of history. Comparing their plight to what the people of India went through under British colonization is ridiculous and outrageous. Millions of Indians went through great suffering and death. These ranchers ride around on ATVs with expensive weapons.There is no true comparison. ~ HfH

From: The Las Vegas Review Journal

A righteous protest of BLM

By: Sherman Frederick

These are Bundy supporters. Do they look like they are suffering to you?

These are Bundy supporters. Do they look like they are suffering to you?

Government oppression is government oppression, whether it takes the form of Jim Crow laws of the 1950s South, or the form of Bureau of Land Management rules designed to force a people out of home and business.

To protest against this is a righteous and American thing.

Now comes the “Grass March,” from a group of Nevada ranchers looking to take their plight to the range of Northern Nevada in the form of a 70-mile horseback journey from Elko to Battle Mountain.

The march will be a public protest highlighting the plight of ranchers under the yoke of federal oppression.

It’s a smart move on the part of Westerners, especially in the aftermath of the confrontation between the BLM and Cliven Bundy in Bunkerville. There, both sides bumped chests. The BLM oppressively confiscated Bundy’s livelihood and put citizens who dared to object in a “First Amendment” pen. Thanks to the intervention of Gov. Brian Sandoval, the BLM stood down.

The BLM pledges to “hold accountable” Bundy for his failure to pay fees.

Fine. Hold him accountable.

But let’s also hold the BLM accountable. Bundy refused to pay fees on the grounds of a “sovereign nation” theory. That dog won’t hunt in both the court of public opinion and the federal courts.

Had he, instead, played up the truth that indigenous ranchers manage public land better than Washington, D.C., he might have gotten somewhere. Ranchers are all about sustainability. The BLM is all about politics.

Alas, the opportunity for public scrutiny dissipated when Bundy, not unlike Sen. Harry Reid, graced us with his stupid theories on “the Negro.” Bundy talked about slavery and the welfare state; Reid gave us the politics of the “Negro dialect.”

But the cowboys in Elko, Ely, Eureka and Battle Mountain have a better idea.

To draw attention to how the BLM has run roughshod over sane management of public lands, they will protest by riding horseback over public grasslands between Elko and Battle Mountain over Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully, Nevada’s newspapers and the nation’s large newspapers and television stations will come along to tell the story.

Ranchers in 2014 are to the BLM what the people of India were to the British Empire in the 1930s — a subjugated people forced to live by the whims of a government that neither understands the people nor cares about the land.

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AUTHOR: Amber Barnes
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  • Sue

    I hope they take good care of their horses!

    May 21, 2014