Welcome to Habitat For Horses!|Thursday, February 11, 2016

A lot of news – all at once… 

Breaking_News-1Usually I try to break the news down into the most important articles, but today a lot of information came across the wires. Rather than posting all the articles, I’ll let you pick and chose which to read.

From two of the organizations that believe drugs should be given to horses to prevent disease, yet also believe that “unwanted” horses should be slaughtered right here in the good ol’ USA and fed to the Europeans, comes this thinly veiled concept of registering all horses so “infectious diseases can be tracked.” AAEP, AHC Partner to Prevent Equine Disease Outbreaks

If you live in or near Nevada,the Wild Horse Preservation League is staging a rally this Saturday, declaring it Fighting for Nevada Wild Horse’s Day. Anyone wishing to join the protest is invited to meet at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the park area between the Legislature and the Capitol. The effort is to stop the Nevada Department of AG from using the BLM to dispose of the state’s wild horses. (The Department once offered me all the wild horses I could take for $3 each) Details are HERE

Valley Meat Company in Roswell, NM, home of alien invaders and other weird beings, spread the word through the news media yesterday that the USDA made their final inspection and that they were all primed and ready to start slaughtering horses. Uh, not so fast there cowboy. There are a few more steps to take and maybe the future of your plant might have to wait a wee bit longer. Might as well mosey on over to Tim Sappington’s trailer and munch on some horse brisket while you wait. Read about the delays in store for them HERE

Just when the Europeans thought it was safe to wander back into the grocery store, we learn from the latest tests results that horsemeat is STILL being found in “all beef” meals. Horsemeat Scandal Still Riding at a Gallop. by Michael Markarian fills you in on the entire story.

A slap upside the head of the global food chain is well deserved, according to this in-depth look at the inner self-destruction of global marketing. Contamination risk increases as food chain goes global

Wayne Pacelle at the Humane Society of the US isn’t backing down on the inner workings of the Tennessee Walking Horse crowd. Another busted bigwig gets his own set of handcuffs. Tennessee Walking Horse Barn Raided, Trainer Charged

There is an unscientific poll on the website of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette asking whether readers think TN Governor Haslam should sign or veto the ag gag bill making its way to his desk. Way down the page on the left. Go ahead and vote now! And while you’re at it, vote in this poll also at The Tennessean. Someone messed up on this page since there are two identical polls, but why not vote twice?

Before you throw your hands up, here’s a “feel good” ending for the evening – Katie Cleary and Tippi Hedren recently won Best Documentary Short at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood for her film “Give Me Shelter,” which aims to fight animal cruelty. Katie has joined forces with Alison Eastwood, who operates the Eastwood Ranch Foundation and supports Habitat for Horses, which is why we are mentioned in the article. Documentary shines light on animal causes