A gentle pause….


September 7, 2013 – Jerry

There are times in life when things seem to be spinning out of control, when our emotions are raging and when we feel that few others really understand. While the subjects we discuss on this website draw high emotion, rightfully so, perhaps we should all step back a bit and see what draws the same emotions in other people.

Saw this on Reddit and thought it needed to be shared:



AUTHOR: Jerry Finch
  • I hope this was posted on the “justgirlythings” site…and “justboythings” too.

    September 7, 2013
  • BlessUsAll

    My father served in WWII, as a navigator on a bomber in the European theater. That was when there was a draft, and every eligible male, no matter what their educational or class status, was called to join the fight.

    Today, with professional all-volunteer forces, the U.S. public as a whole has no stake in war and no need or desire to sacrifice themselves in any way.

    I think that makes it easy for the powers-that-be to manipulate our superficial emotions and thus persuade us to approve of war as a way to peace. I refuse to be so manipulated.

    Here are two pieces — one written, the other a video interview — that express what I believe needs to be understood about these subtle or even blatant manipulations:



    Other authors who dare ask the hard questions about war include Paul Craig Roberts, Dennis Loo, Ray McGovern, Jon Rappoport, Glenn Greenwald, David Swanson, to name a few.

    To me, a “gentle pause” involves refusing to be a party to aggression, to emotional manipulation, to lies. It also involves exercising one’s independent thoughts — digging under the excuses for waging war and finding the sinister, secret motives (regional destabilization, world hegemony, resource grabs, etc.) of the elite.

    The dogs’ innocent faces in these pictures remind me of the innocent civilian casualties of war — and, really, of the innocence of every combatant who is being unwittingly exploited for the greed and gain of a few at the top.

    Here are a few quotes from an article titled “War,” written in the early 1900s by a deep thinker named Martha Wilcox:

    ~ “Since we embrace our civilization, our government and our universe in our thought, we should know that our true thought, or Truth, governs all harmoniously. Let us rid our thought of hate, malice, and anger. Let us rid our thought of the desire to get even with somebody or some nation. Let us rid our thought of rivalry and contention, and maintain a clearly defined mental position based on Truth.”

    ~ “The international outlook presents a few great nations glorifying war, and the rest of the nations fearing war. The errors are national pride and national fear, and we are apt to deceive ourselves when it comes to these errors and merely handle national pride. The fear of nations is very great,
    and we should handle this claim of fear.”

    ~ “Let us remember that the reality and individuality of every nation, as well as the reality and individuality of every man, is forever intact in God and is eternal. The reality and individuality of a nation cannot be lost, but is found in the harmony of its infinite Principle, Love.”

    I sense that God’s horses, in their reflected wisdom and trustworthiness, have already glimpsed these truths.

    September 7, 2013
  • Barbara

    So many sad things . I hope and pray we don’t get into another war.

    September 7, 2013
  • Debbie Stoutamire

    Such a powerful sequence of pictures. I felt sad when I viewed them – sad for us as a country, sad for our solders who die for a cause they did not enlist for – same with the horses who are sent to auction or slaughter. Nothing but sad.

    September 7, 2013
  • Geri

    Those picturs say so much~~~~~I lost my oldest son and pictures like that just bring me to tears this is the one that really gets to me-every time I feel there is no end to this madness-I just pull it up-puts the world back in perspective

    September 7, 2013
  • evelyn corso

    nothing like a little perspective

    September 7, 2013
  • Arlene

    Taking a break for me is to spend time with the Horses , I do not own any now, but have friends who do, i am granted access to them any time I can, how Lucky am I,when i look into their eyes , I see many beautiful things, I see the Wisdom of the ages , it was passed to them like a Torch, i see the power, i see the gentleness, I see all the things of wonder inwhich they are trying to give , some of which we have already experienced but there is so very much more , they are a storehouse just waiting to release!!!!!! I see their fears as plain as
    it was happening to me …….They are confused about the WHY !!!! they do not understand , they look to us for explanation…… They want to survive like you and I…….they want to fulfill why they are here……. just like you and I ….only part of the reason I refer to them as mirror images of us…………There are many of us who can feel their pain when they are being threatened by any means , I am one !!!!! To me I cannot see any World without them , they are a intricate, necessary part of each and every one of us , i wish all of those who are filled with Greed , could only step back for 1 Hour and just be with them one on one , there is no doubt that they would see and know who and what they really are !!!! Such beautiful and wonderful amazing Animals far from what these people previously could have ever imagined….

    September 7, 2013
  • Nancy Albin

    This means to me that all of us are different but have the same emotions just different priorities & extremes & bottum lines, so we should keep that in mind so we don’t disrespect & take for granted of all the things we have to be grateful for with compasion instead of anger & hate. (my thoughts)

    September 7, 2013
  • Nancy

    It was 8 years ago today that my nephew Robert Pole was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra Iraq. He was working for a private security detail company Triple Canopy and he was in the first car of a caravan transporting a diplomat to the airport, he was killed instantly. He was 24 years old. I found a picture of him with my kids camping in upstate NY. I saw his smiling face and how happy he was and thats how I remember him. He was also a sargeant in the Marines and he did his tour and then worked for this company because he wanted to buy a house for him and his fiance’. He wanted to be a NYC cop and decided to go on one more tour with this company. He loved my chicken soup.The little things are what you remember and thats what I want to remember today, his smiling happy face as a kid and my chicken soup…Have a wonderful day everyone…

    September 7, 2013
    • Janet Schultz

      Thank you Nancy. I pray for blessings for you and your family.

      September 8, 2013
  • Margaret

    Bush got into a war that no one wanted. It took Obama forever to get us out of Iraq. But they just moved over to Afghanistan. Now Obama wants to get us into yet another war?

    I understand chemical warfare is worse than awful. Damn stuff doesn’t belong to any madman/woman. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Syria may be our ali but at what point do we say OUR COUNTRY CAN’T AFFORD THIS?

    We spend so much money on war–we could solve ALL our problems in this country and still have some left over if we’d but take the plunge and say WE NEED TO STEP AWAY.

    For ALL the men and women we’ve lost and to their families I say a very solemn and humble thank you to your loved one who paid the ultimate price for us. But let us try to learn from the past that war just doubles and triples whatever the troubles are. Nothing is solved it is just compounded.

    Let us learn to love one another, no matter our skin color, race or religion. Whatever our differences we can learn tolerance if we but try. It is those differences that teach us how to think outside the box and be creative.

    September 7, 2013
  • sherriey

    a pause for me means to be grateful for all we/i have. the wars….my daddy fought in 2, my husband is a Vietnam disabled vet. my high school sweetheart died in Nam….they gave for our freedom…there will always be wars as long as there will be freedom and as long as there will be evil men. its the way with man…as it is with all species.
    to reflect….after 9/11…i have learned to appreciate all i have, the life i live, the people i love, the animals i love and protect and care for, the few freedoms we/i have left.
    to be able to wake up everyday and hug the ones i love….including my special 4 legged loves…is a gift. and i so appreciate it and thank God everyday for those who ‘gave’ so that i can have what i have.
    God Bless all.

    September 7, 2013