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7 yr old lived in constant fear due to rare condition until…(video) 

Boys helped by special dog

Here at Habitat for Horses our staff members have many animal friends and companions. There is a special connection that is undeniable to any who have experienced it. This video is a loving example. We have a contest going on right now that celebrates the special connection between horses and their owners. Entering is free. You can tell the story between you and your special equine friend while we raise money to save more horses. http://www.gogophotocontest.com/habitatforhorses.

From: The San Francisco Times

Boys helped by special dogOwen Hawkins has Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a rare genetic disorder characterized by skeletal muscle abnormalities such as muscle weakness/stiffness, abnormal bone development, dwarfism, etc. Consequently, Owen suffers from severe social anxiety and tends to keep to himself.

Haatchi, an Anatolian Shephard, was just a puppy when he was deliberately tied to a train track. Luckily, he survived the incident, but his tail was severed and real leg amputated.

Since Owen’s parents adopted Haatchi, the pair have had a miraculous influence on one another.

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